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Most of you guys don’t know that i have 2 vlags. Yung isa english, yung isa beckimese. Haha! Eto para may year end report kayo. Check out the items I posted on the other one!

This is all fashion related!

1. All about the perfect white shirt: avail nyo toh guys!

Hello! I’m Divine and I guess an introduction is a must. First of all, I am very happy to be blogging for this new site, Kristn. I currently have a blog,, and for those who have been reading it, please note that my tone here is very different. Nonetheless, it will be just as fun! Aside from blogging, Twitter, and engaging in the social network world, you can also catch me doing field reports and panel for TV5’s Ang Latest (formerlyJUICY!). But enough about me, let’s proceed with the program! Like we say in the show… “Ano ang latest?”


The opening and finale of all fashion shows should be the big stars. I believe that’s also how it should be with my fashion & beauty column. Pressure! So in order to come up with my first article, I ransacked my closet. I even ransacked V’s (Victor Basa‘s) closet. Just when I was about to give up, it felt like a sudden spotlight (cue in  angels singing. Please bear in mind that I can be all about the theatrics when I write, so just go with the drama!) fell on a pile of clothes I carelessly dumped on the floor—a pile of white shirts. So just like in any fashion night emergency when we always run to the LBD (the little black dress), I realized that I also had my own fashion sure-fire hit for fashion day emergency: the plain white shirt.


I don’t know why it became my favorite go-to staple. Is it because it was required to wear white polos as uniforms when we were younger, consciously engraving it to be the “safe choice”? Was it the imagery in movies that the girl in a crisp white shirt always books the job? Or was it the numerous romance films, which highlighted a couple in a hotel suite with the girl in a white shirt symbolizing the happy fairy tale ending? Fact or fiction and regardless of the reason, I think the white shirt has proven to us over and over that it can combine both simplicity and sexiness in perfect balance and chemistry, which is tough for any fashion item. Let me talk to you about the various types of white shirts.


The shirt that got away is that plain white men’s polo you intentionally “forgot” to return to your ex, or the one your brother’s been looking for for months. It is the first must-have for every girl. I am guilty of abusing Victor’s white polo. When picking the right one, try to get one with buttons that are white or frosted. Black buttoned polo’s can be a bit trickier to match. Get one with a relaxed or slim fit in the men’s section (the women’s polo’s can be too tailored), because you’ll want some breathing space for it to be multipurpose.


Browse through the gallery below to learn how to wear a white men’s polo and other types of the “perfect white shirt.”






2. My biggest love-hate relationship: ayan, guide to the perfect heels naman!

 It makes me feel sexy and pretty. It showed me what love at first sight means. It can make me feel like I’m on top of the world, towering over everyone. But at the same, it can make me feel like I cannot go on. It can also make me feel like chopping off some body parts because of pain. I’m not talking about my boyfriend (well, sometimes this is debatable, especially when I am PMS-ing); rather, I’m talking about my love-hate relationship with high heels.


I believe I have already mastered the art of walking in high heels. I can run a marathon in three-inch heelssprint (well, run from an airport terminal to another) in six-inch heels, and walk the ramp in eight-inch heels. But, I can’t deny that five hours of hosting standing up will still make my feet swell to double its size (fortunately, not permanently since I’m already a size 10 and the next size available is Ronald McDonald’s). I’ve had a lot of tripsfalls, and what-have-yous with my whole childhood flashing before my eyes. So even with all those pains, perils, and callouses, why do I still wear high heels?


Simple. It makes my poor posture look better, is cute, and intimidates men (yes, we ladies abuse this sometimes). Some outfits just don’t work without them, and of course, it makes me feel sexy. So I guess I just learned to live with it. And I really learned from all my trips and falls to be familiar with the different types of heels and when to wear them. Knowing these already cancels half the possibilities of broken bones and swollen ankles.

Browse through the gallery below for my “Heels 101.”






3. My manang has a PhD in organizing: Dahil alam nyong best in OC ako, eto pati si manang tips, inavail ko!

My manang is my second mom. She taught me most of the things I know around the house. I don’t think any formal school can ever rival the lessons I learned from her. My and accounts would be non-existent if not for herout-of-this-world organizing and maintenance tips. If there is a PhD in organizing, manang would be the dean. She is so efficient that it even came to a point where my friends would have their manangs trained by my manang in organizing and keeping things. I have shoes that are about ten years old and bags from my lola that look like I just bought them from the mall. I think she rubbed a little of that OC streak on me. (I am an obsessive labeler. People at home purposely keep the labeler out of my sight!)


So, because of my manang’s special skills, today’s post is all about her tips! Click through the gallery below for them and read my teaser for my next post below the gallery.





4. Divine Lee’s 12 gifts of christmas: Tapos na ang pasko pero ang wishlist natin hindi natatapos! haha!

Back when I was in third grade, my mom accidentally ruined the concept of Santa for me. We were shopping for my cousins’ gifts when she pulled out their letters to Santa. She was going through it one by one, happily highlighting thewishlist. Hello, Mom, I was 10, and obviously, I was able to figure out she was Santa even without watching an episode ofCSI: Miami.


Of course, being a bit naughty, I told all my playmates that Mom was Santa… Yes, my mom. Haha! Not so smart after all. I was able to fool some of my classmates and collected their letters to Santa. Can you imagine my Mom’s face when I gave her all the letters? I gave it with a matching wink and the promise that her secret was safe with me.


Fast forward to today: I still make a Santa wish list, which I now give to V. Haha! Santa has transformed from my Mom to a six-packed cutie. Not bad, I must say!


So for this year, here are my 12 gifts of Christmas wish list (some are out of this world, by the way).





Also in Kristin, V and I share a travel blog! So here it is!



This is the link of our column:



1. The non-royalty royalty: Yusopov Palace : Fave stop namin in St. Petersburg kaya may sariling post!


D: I have always been a fan of dynasties and family sagas. So it’s no wonder that when I was younger, I would gladly skip watching Disney movies for Spanish teleseryes. I think I got my overdramatic streak from it (yes, I’m the type who would run to the E.R. screaming and shouting, as if my life depended on it…and this was for only a bad case of eye stye). During our last trip to Russia, it was pretty obvious that I’d be learning more about the Romanovs (Who knows, maybe I am related to the “lost” Anastasia?), but one thing that caught my attention during our tour was another clan: The Yusopovs. The Yusopovs were not royalties like the Romanovs, but with their lifestyle, heritage, and fortune, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have got nothing on them! Let’s start our story by touring their palace!


V: I first heard about the name Yusopov when I was searching for places to visit in Russia. Upon further research, I learned that the family was involved in the brutal murder of the Russian mystic and claimant of prophethood, Rasputin. The Yusopovs were a Russian noble family that descended from the Khans of the 10th century, but they were more known for their incredible wealth and philanthropy. Although they weren’t royalty, they had immense influence and power. Browse the gallery for my travel notes!





2. Tour around St. Petersburg

We suggest spending at least three days in St. Petersburg to really enjoy and see all the sights. The city has a lot of must-see places for tourists. The weather is much warmer compared to Moscow, and the whole city also seems more modern than Moscow. We think since there are a lot of universities around the city center, it makes the area more hip and fashionable.

Tip: Russia is really more expensive than most European countries, so better plan activities to avoid problems with overbudgeting. Aside from the Yusopov palace, here are our main picks of things to do and see in St Petersburg:




3. Next stop: Moscow – Avail nyo ang Russia ganap namin here!

Divine: While our first two columns were about St. Petersburg,our first stop in Russia was actually Moscow. We went there last March.

When my travel buddies told me we would be in Russia during springtime, I decided to pack my skirts, see-through tights, and ballet flats. I had this whole “Princess Sarah look” going on in my mind. Wrong move. When we reached Moscow, everybody was laughing at me because I kept complaining about the cold and checking my toes if they were still, you know, intact.


On the first day of our trip, I was literally walking on snow, no thanks to my flimsy ballet flats! By lunch time, I was begging the group to find a store, so I could buy a decent pair of boots (men’s, women’s, kid’s, anything!) before my toes fall off. Trust me, I was already dedicating the song “Little Piggy Went to Heaven” to my toes. They were all practically numb…or dead. Haha!Check out more of my blunders later in the photo gallery!


Victor:Moscow is one of those places that we usually have a picture of in our minds, as we’ve often seen it in movies and news. Yet that did not really prepare me for the scale and magnitude of Europe’s most populous city. The architecture was so interesting, and the buildings were varied, from modern buildings to Imperial Russian structures built from 1712 to 1917. (Amazingly, they are still being used today, like the State Historical Museum and the GUM Department store, both built before the1900s.) I was really amazed to see so many historical buildings still standing despite their age.


I also encountered a few buildings that were obviously neglected due to lack of funding. Still, the structures and sights I saw in Moscow were so awe-inspiring that I just found myself snapping photos (and videos) of street signs, alleyways, building facades, the exteriors of public toilets (I kid you not), and city residents. Browse the gallery below for some of those snapshots.




Ayan, so more options more fun! haha! Promise we will try to update more this coming year!


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