Hosting 4th Philippine Fashion Ball

First of all, congratulations KEREN PASCUAL! Another successful Philippine Fashion Ball! The 4th to be exact!
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Actually, we found out that we were hosting late na, but of course game kami!
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Its’ the tradition of the Philippine fashion ball to give tribute and recognition to the movers and shakers of Philippine Fashion!
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It’s nice to have everyone in one event! lahat talaga best in chika that night, I saw most of the models na nakatrabaho ko even when I was 14 years old and starting out!
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First awardee was John Valle for hair! Then next one was Paolo Maranan for makeup!
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Jasmine maierhofer also got an award for modelling!
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Here’s Robby, presenting another award.. well, tidbit. He was one of the people who discovered me. And guess what? Sya rin nag discover sa next awardee!
 photo P1410010_zps9b7f9929.jpg
My fave Ria Bolivar! Who is in VOGUE ITALIA’s 50th anniversary issue! KABOWG!
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Rey Ilagan for Garage Magazine also got a citation! HOY ADRIANNE! KUNG MAKAPOUT!
 photo P1410012_zps08dee934.jpg
Suki Salvador, who went to the same highschool as V and i! Also got an award! Parang reunion talaga toh!
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 photo P1410015_zps02ade7e7.jpg

Belle presented Vince Uy’s award for Preview!
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 photo P1410018_zps028089ec.jpg
And coPMAP model tweetie and Donna of cosmo presented for Myrza!
 photo P1410022_zpsfd19e100.jpg
Solenn for Raul Manzano’s award for their Metro Ball: Pitoy Moreno!
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AYALA group also got a citation for STYLE ORIGINS! I super love working with this group!
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The 3 Rs, Rajo, Randy, Rhett presented naman for…
 photo P1410026_zps43188ebc.jpg
 photo P1410027_zps304894df.jpg
Philippine Daily Inquirer! received by Tessa who ran without shoes! ahhaha!
 photo P1410028_zps1f697664.jpg
 photo P1410030_zps6a62094f.jpg

Enchong Dee also presented!
 photo P1410032_zpsc333ea55.jpg

For Tita Millet manaquil which was receievd by Rissa!
 photo P1410033_zps15eaa990.jpg
OO NA! Bungisngis!
 photo P1410034_zpsa127377d.jpg
George and Liz also presented…
 photo P1410035_zpsa33faad1.jpg
For Mr. Impalpable! Michael Cinco!
 photo P1410038_zps6153fd7d.jpg
 photo P1410040_zpsde5ba0b7.jpg
 photo P1410041_zps13934e05.jpg
For Jojie Lloren!
 photo P1410042_zpsf02ccc13.jpg
BJ Pascual also got an award! I’m looking for photos now! dagdag ko kagad. He had the most heart warming speech… Hindi daw kasi sya nag lakad for graduation so instead he brought his grandma and grandpa… eto na daw muna yung grad gift nya!
After was the show of 8 designers!
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 photo P1410051_zps35f4b1a2.jpg
 photo P1410052_zps81165290.jpg
Thank you so much Keren! Had fun and congrats!
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PS. I did my own hair and makeup! ahahhaa! Tagisan na ng galing! kasi we got the notice late, fully booked na si Jake!
Will be posting photos of the collections showcased sa ibang post!

Til next year!
Much love,