V’s sis Bel, Bro-in-law Ants, Nephew Seb and friend Elli went to the MET Alexander McQueen exhibit!

Photos are not allowed but the still got some “nakaw” shots for me. Hehe! So we got this today… our goodies!

AMQ Calendar!

AMQ pencils which I gave to Kermit Tesoro.

Magnetic display that little Sebastian wanted! Ang cute! He’s one and he picked this out for us! Haha! Baka kasi kamukha ni Zorro? 🙂

POSTCARDS! I don’t think I’ll be using this. I’m planning to frame it!

Notebooks! One for Milan, One I gave to Kermit and 2 for me! hehe!

This is the cutest thing… MINI ARMADILLOS!

Ganito sya kaliit.. I used my blackberry for scale.

I want to use this for christmas tree ornaments! Back view!

Front view


Do you guys know where they make this? I’m planning to buy baka masmura here for my christmas tree!

And of course the BOOK!!!

Hologram cover!

I will be posting the photos of the inside soon! Damahin ko muna ang pag-basa then I’ll giv eyou guys a preview! 🙂

Check out V’s goodies… hehe! Masbongga yung akin. BWAHAHHAA!

Thank you again Ate Bel! We super duper loved the surprise goodies!

Much love,