Since you guys are requesting for travel photos, I will try to back all my travels so I can sharing is caring.

We visited Amsterdam last year as a side trip. Hindi ako lakwatsera people at hindi ko kayang magleisure trip yearly sa Europa. I go to Europe for work every summer because this is the time of the filipino fiestas. Usually they have it in between June-August which is their summer season. So in between workchung, I try to see other places (the fiestas are usually on weekends so I have the some weekdays to go around). We visited Amsterdam last year and met with V’s uncle. His uncle is a famous designer in Manila before he left for Europe (Paola Basa, kayo na mag-google! Inaalipin nyo na ako masyado! haha!). We only stayed for 3 days in Amsterdam because we had to catch the next fiesta.

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, try to get a hotel in the center. The places to see are quite compact so keri lang na walang rent-a-car. Public transport is also bonggels so commute nalang. They have trains, taxis, and the whole place is really walkable.

The most important tip I got was the difference between a COFFEE SHOP and CAFE. The cafe is the ordinary cafe where pwedeng magmaganda at tumambay. Yung coffee shop ang may damo. Yes, legal dun but I don’t suggest personally dahil may nakasabay kami sa resto ang jontot ng damit nya! I’m so sure dun galing yun.

Walking around Amsterdam

Surrounded by water so best to take a boat tour

OK, guilty. I love beauty counters. I’m guilty for trying everything and not buying. Ang tawag namin dyan “nakipa-fresh lang”

Bikes are one of the biggest transpo method there. You can hire if you’re planning to stay for a long time.

Deadma sa tumatawid sa likod

I love how they really use bikes here!

Spell itsurang gutom.

CALL 1-800-pacute

We took this tour!

No need for taxis. The routes are easy to understand.

Tour plus suntan. pwede!

I’m really an old soul. Everytime I see a green area, I end up chilling there. I love picnics. You will see that in our trips.

Lumuluneta lang ang peg.

AYAN! Asarin nyo na ang lasing at bagong gising… wag lang ang baklang walang booking!

We met with V’s uncle PAOLO BASA.

Map navigator. Mali mali naman ako palagi.

Amsterdam is love! Hope we had more time! It has such an energetic vibe!

Much love,