Ang shweet! Please watch!

Most of you guys saw this already…

And some of you guys saw this channel…

or V’s better editing here…

BUT PLEASE HELP ME FIND WHO MADE THIS! Eyyfort! I really want to thank the person personally. Nagulat ako napagsamasama nya our videos and photos. 

Its one thing that we believe in our love story, but more that others actually believe in it too. Masnatoutouch ako sa ginagawa nyo. Giving me more reasons to fall in love over and over again….

Dahil pinakilig nyo ako ng bongga at pinangiti nyo ako… THANK YOU 🙂

Help me find whoever made this please? 

BREAKING NEWS… i found her na! Thank you @chizmoza SUPER DUPER THANK YOU!

Much love,