Here we go! Annebisyosa No other Concert! @annecurtissmith!

I am so happy for Anne! Iba ka gurl! Na puno mo ang ARANETA!

The whole concert you can really feel her happiness all over. She played different genres of music kaya kahit anong bet mo, pasok na pasok!

Aside from that, everyone was really so excited to see her production numbers and NO FAIL naman! It was 3 hours of fun, sayawan and of course biritan! 🙂

I’ve been to other concerts in Araneta before, but I must say… ETO TALAGA PUNONG PUNO!

Anne supporters!

Ayan, best in faney kami! haha!

Super supportive BF. Erwan was just taking photos and videos the whole time. Super sweet! Ikaw na!

Mike and Carla were our seatmates.

Kabowherang lippy ni Vice!


She opened the show in a Micheal Cinco dress! Bongga lang! Nagtanggal pa yan ng skirt! Ang concert concept, pakuntian ng tela! haha!

Sige gurl, todo mo lang yan!

Who Run the world? AYAN NA! Ikaw na! Anne in Martin Bautista!

Pati barbels nya pakak! GOLD IS GOLD!

Walang pinalampas! Next is Nicki Minaj super bass! In fair, keri rin ng lola nyo mag rap!

In her feather outfit! Katy Perry Medley!

Ang shweet! Jas was her first duet! I love how they are both so supportive of each other 🙂

Very featherrrsss!

Birit lang gurl! Gow!

Mana sa ate! haha!

Ganda! Sabi ni NIxy, magpapalahi na daw sya! haha!

Vhong and Luis came on stage! Nakakatawa sila! Sabi ni Luis ” this is the only concert na maspagod ang backup singer kaysa sa artist!” haha! Riot!

And in a new outfit! What is lubusin mo ang tanga gurl! Gow!

They also called some of Anne’s friends on stage!

Next nmber galing sya sa langit.. literally! May effects! A whole slab bumaba while she was singing her fave song… ALONE!

May kama! Bongga tong concert na toh!

Vice was sooooo funny! He sang a solo then nag duet sila ni Anne!

Wag kayo, isa isang nalagas ang damit nya! After awhile.. nakatangga narin sya!

He had an alternative/rock segment also!

Gow lang gurl!

Halata naman ang effort ni Anne d ba? GOOOOW!

Rico Blanco joined her! Bigatin ang mga kaduet!

After a bit, they also introduced Sam who rushed from the airport to join Anne. They sang always be my baby.

NO OTHER WOMAN cast! Tumodo sa giling si Derek and Cristine!

Seatmates! Raj and Nixy!

K was there too!

Bakit ba hindi ako na brief na swimming party toh? choz!

The girls behind Anne’s bonggang outfits! My faves! Liz Uy and Pam Q!

In her Rajo! At nag-adele ang lola mo!

Next is my fave segment! Anne with Sarah! Gosh, super fan na ako ni Sarah! Bet ko sya!

She had her solo medley and a duet with Anne!

She ended the concert with BORN THIS WAY!

The group went out after! Ang taas kasi ng energy namin sa excitement for Anne!

Tim with Bianca and Carlos!

WIth Raj and Nix!

Mond and Liz!

Ok, ganito ka-taas ang energy namin. haha!

KC, Cloie and Jm!

Finally, may photo na si V! Nakakaawa talaga si V, photographer kasi palagi ang pinapagawa ko sa kanya so it’s rare to see him in the photo!

It’s nice to see Cloie and Kc out! I met Kace in Paris and Cloie when we visited Sweden.

Haha! I love how V always takes photos of mga nagchichikahan!

Sorry for the short captions. I”ll edit this soon.. just in a rush for Extreme Makeover shoot! Plus, V took videos. WIll post that soon!

Much love,