We arrived Antwerp via train. It was my first time because we had to meet with someone who’s interested with working with us. In europe bongga naman magtrain train lang, it’s cheap and hassle free. I love the part that they don’t have any baggage limit- in short, kung anong keri mong dalhin pwede! I only had a day in Antwerp and sunday pa (almost everything is close on Sundays in Europe). So i didn’t get to go around the fashion museum.

I love the relaxed feel of Antwerp and there’s a jewelry shop every corner! Syempre, hanggang tingin at silip lang- d naman ata sila pumapayag ng gives. haha! Antwerp is known for it’s diamonds, I know some friends who recommend buying here for engagement rings or whenever you need good stones.

Here are some photos from our trip. Syempre kasama ko na naman my becky friend who took us around. Ang nakakatawa, he’s been living here for years tapos sya pa yung “ay! sino kaya tong rebultong toh?” or “naku, ilayo nyo si Divine sa statua na yan…magtatanong na naman yan at d ko alam anong sasagot” and lastly “eto, papicture ka dyan. Sikat yan. D ko alam bakit pero maraming nagpappicture dyan”. haha! I love them! Aliw lang sobra!

They have a super cute train station.

Papayag kaya si lookbook dito? may tao sa likod. haha!

Ayan. Chance. Ang mga becky talaga akala ko excited makita ako pero pag fecture, masmakapit kay V! Sa buy one, take one… ako yung libre!

AMININ! We all grew up watching NELLO AND PATRASCHE!

Monument for the hard working laborers f Antwerp (yun ang sabi ni Bakla, d ko alam if accurate)

My safe place! FIND THE RAINBOW FLAG!!

RIOT! This is how we really talk. V is probably saying something serious while I’m saying “weeehhhh!”, “CHOZ!”, “Meh ganun?” or something that he doesn’t understand.

The big statue in front of cityhall. Eto daw yung sikat pero d nya alam bakit. Nagpauto nalang ako at nagpappicture.

Cute photo!

With Ian! I met Ian in school, he went to Brent too and check na check lang sya sa pagkapluck ng kilay.

The place was close, but Ian said they have the best chocolates here.


Trainride back! Thanks to IPAD, hindi ko na ginugulo si V. I’m most probably playing Plants vs. Zombies.

If you do visit Belgium, take a train ride to Antwerp and visit the fashion Museum. This is where Dries Van Notten is from.

Much love,