Me and my friends.

Hey Miss D! I’m a huge follower of yours and I always have a fun time reading your Q&A posts. Nakakaloka ang mga questions nga mga tao sayo, from love life to the ever unsolvable stretch mark removals. I just wanted to submit my “Fierce Follower” photo for April with high hopes of winning this April for the Outfitzzz! HAHA! That’s me in the middle and the other 2 are my groupies. That was just a chos! I’m from the Ateneo and my name’s Boggs, also a Fashion Blogger here in Tumblr. Thank you so much, and I hope that you’re doing well!

Oh yeah, I have a question as well. How do you keep so thin? I’d want to lose some weight over the summer. So far, I only lose weight when I don’t eat anything at all or if I get sick. HAHA!

D: Sige, kayo na ang fierce! Kalowka! Well, more than dieting dapat healthy… well, wag mo akong tularan hindi ako healthy. Pero yun ang sabi nila 🙂 SOmetimes, eating the right food will make you lose weight.

Much love,