I only want the best for you guys… CHOZ! haha! But kidding aside, I don’t giveaway prizes that I don’t believe in. Forte ko kasi excited din ako for the winner, so of course I want prizes that I personally like. Oh d ba? Peg ko si Oprah! Very thanksgiving ANGEL EPISODE nya d bah?

So before I reveal the prize, papakita muna ako ng evidence na hindi ko kayo chinacharot. I really use and have the brands that you guys are getting this month! YIPPEEE!!!

Do you guys remember this?

Or this???

YOU BETTER! And hindi mukha ko ang pinaparemember ko sa inyo! haha! (Malamang kung nandito kayo sa site ko eh d alam nyo yang mukhang yan). But the brands we are giving away this month are…..


SPELL BONGGA! And yes, since napakarami nyo (choz!) na readers we are giving away 2 prizes for this month. A gay/mhin winner will get a Php 5,000.00 pesos GC from WHARTON and the Ghelay will get a Php 5,000.00 pesos GC from PAPERDOLLS! And if possible, sasamahan ko [pa kayo magshopping 🙂 Let’s see how we match schedules.

So ganun parin ang mechanics… Pa-fiercan! Bawal ang insecure dito! fight ng fight! Always remember that ang BIBO kadalasan talo ang MAGANDA at GWAPO! haha! I’m so excited sa mga pasabog nyo! haha!

And the reason why I’m so excited about the prize also is because very EUROPEAN and 70s inspired ang collection nila! PAKAK NA PAKAK na naman!

Check out the collection here..

I love the British vibe! SUSHAL! Actaully, all my becky friends inubus ata ang lookbook ng Wharton every party. While i super love the Charlie’s angels vibe of paperdolls!

Well, hindi naman nakakagulat because may taste yung designers they collaborated with … RAJO LAUREL AND KATE TORRALBA!

OH D BA? Ang sosyal talaga ng tumblr na toh! haha!

Another reason why I’m very excited about April is because the person judging is someone who inspired me when I was just starting out in the fashion/modeling scene.

I actually started modelling pretty young, I got my first commercial when I was 7 pero wag nyo nang alamin dahil ang chaka ko dun. I also got a few more commercials when I was a teenager. The funny thing is I always felt lanky…pero nasabi ko naman sa inyo na confidence lang talaga ang bumubuhay sakin kaya when I had a magazine shoot as an advertorial for one of my commercials tumodo ako ng bongga. Avel Bacudio saw me. I was about 14 at that time. He told me that I was pretty tall for my age so maybe I should try joining Fashion Watch. Fashion Watch is a series (they still have it up to now) of shows participated by a lot of designers and during that time, Avel was one of them. So since, kaladkarin naman ako, pumunta ako sa go-see. INNO SOTTO and ARIEL LOZADA saw me and told me I can be part of the show but they need to train me how to walk. While I was doing my fashion watch workshops, Avel again got me for a show with ROBBY CARMONA. From that show, palagi na akong na sa main batch of models for ROBBY’s shows. One of my first mentors is CECILE ZAMORA or CHUVANESS! Robby, Inno, Cecile, Avel.. yan ang mga nagtyaga sakin. Inno would always be so protective of me because I was pretty young, so he made sure that all the clothes I wore were not revealing. Nakakatouch yun kay Inno. I mean, INNO SOTTO yun at pinagaabalahan nya pa tulungan ako! Up to now, Inno is still one of those people I truly trust. Cecile naman would always book me for shows and shoots, she even gave me a commercial for studio 23 for the show Popular. Sometimes, I would feel shy kasi I’m new, sinasamahan ako dati ni Cecile and she allows me to hang out with them. Avel naman mad me his poster girl. Lahat ng shows nya nung time na yun he would include me. I also got my first FINALE and OPENING from him. And of course our April judge, Robby or “mother” or “direk” to me ay walang sawang nagtrain sakin. I got my biggest break because of him. He brought me to Hong Kong for a Jewelmer show and thats where the HK agent saw me. Kaya ako nakapagtrabaho sa HK nun. I am forever grateful to these people. They believed in me. Lahat sila may pangalan na nun but they really took the time to help me. I don’t think I ever got to directly thank them for everything, pero eto na. MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT. Ang dami kong naexperience and natutunan. They also inspired me to believe in people who are starting out. That’s why I super try to give back and help because if they didn’t believe in me when they did, hindi ata ako makakaexperience ng lahat ng nagawa ko na. I’m forever grateful. Sometimes nga I think, siguro kaya these people are so blessed din kasi they are blessings to others. Isa nako dun. Sana, we always remember to give back. All the time.

So ayan! Ang bonggang Mother Robby ko ang judge this month!

Galingan nyo! malay nyo madiscover din kayo the way nadiscover nila ako 🙂

Much love,


PS. We have one more prize for this month. I’ll be posting that soon. Ang clue… HAIROGRAPHY!