Please play this song. What the kids sang.

Alam nyo, I never expected na kaya natin mapanalo toh. We were against artistas with big fan base and I was abroad during the campaign period. I knew that the time difference and distance will put a strain on campaigning. But guys.. gunulat nyo ako ng bonggang bongga… SOBRANG GALING NG WARRIORS!

So again, Maraming salamat. Sana nga all of you guys went to the awarding, sana nakita nyo yung ngiti ng mga bagets. Nakakaiyak. You guys made them smile. Salamat ng marami.

This is one contest that you showed me na hindi lang tayo readers at chismosos dito. Everyone acted as a group. You campaigned and fought for the kids. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. I am flattered and grateful.

So bago ako umiyak ng isang balde, titigil ko na toh and I’ll show you the kids who went 🙂

The kids got front row! haha! Oh d ba? 🙂

I can before the program because I came from a full day shoot. Kaya wag ijudge, hindi ako ganyan magmall. haha! Makapal yung muk-up ko! haha!

This is Ate Daydee, sya nagaayos lahat ng event namin with the kids. Para syang mommy nilang lahat.

This is Blessie. One of our child haus warriors. When she saw my hair straight, nilagay nya sa head nya! Sabi nya.. papahabain ko din yung akin ng ganito 🙂 It was an awww moment 🙂

Issa hosted the event and she’s really the sweetest. Nilapitan nya talaga ako to personally congratulate. Actually, figure head lang ako. Ang talagang dapat congratulate.. KAYO 🙂

Our kids performed! Baka biased ako, but I think they performed really really well. Ang daming lumapit sakin to say bongga ng kids ko. May mga naiyak pa 🙂 The showed us real strength.

At 2 song numbers talaga!

Stage MOTHER WARRIOR. As usual, iyak ako ng iyak. Ang galing kasi nila eh.

Mga anak anakan kong fierce warriors!

The top 3 eggs!

Cecile “CHUVANESS” egg

Tim Yap’s Egg


WOOOHOOOO!!! Big help for the kiddies! I had John and Blessie go up with me. They are the real winners.

With the top 3!

Thank you Eastwood, Megaworld, Newport!

With the warriors of childhaus!

With Tim and the representative of Paws. Who actually remembered my old doggie OREO! 🙂 Doctor Dog kasi yun eh, when he was younger he would go to hospitals and other centers to help patients and be therapeutic dogs 🙂

Thank you Kevin Tan of Megaworld. Kevin or Clive to us, came from the same school too. So, kilala na namin sya ni V from way back. Non-stop support yan si Kevin. Thank you so much 🙂


I don’t know how many times I have to say thank you. Kasi grabe ang saya ko for the kids. People may think I help them more, but hindi nila alam selfish na kung selfish, masmadami silang nabibigay sakin.

The song they sang is perfect. They were singing this for us. For their wariors for their supporters..but actually kung marunong lang ako kumanta.. Kanta ko toh sa kanila. Kanta ko toh sa inyo for showing me how loyal, and dependable you guys are for the kids. This is exactly how they make me feel.


Thank you for teaching me how to love
Showing me what the world means
What I’ve been dreamin’ of
And now I know, there is nothing that I could not do
Thanks to You

For teaching me how to feel
Showing me my emotions
Letting me know what’s real
From what is not
What I’ve got is more that I’d ever hoped for
And a lot of what I hope for is
Thanks to you

No mountain, no valley
No time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak
No fall from grace
Can’t stop me from believing
That my love will pull me through
Thanks to You

There’s no mountain, no valley
No time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak
No fall from grace
Can’t stop me from believing
That my love will see me through
Thanks to You
Thanks to You

For teaching me how to live
Putting things in perspective
Teaching me how to give
And how to take
No mistake
We were put here together
And if I breakdown
Forgive me but it’s true
That I’m aching with the love I feel inside
Thanks to You
Thanks to you

Salamat ulit… 🙂

Thank you!

Much love,