Bali: Birthday escape! (long post!)

All my friends know that I have a problem celebrating my birthday. I love throwing parties for other people pero pagako na… hirap na hirap ako. I dunno why. I guess, it brings me more joy talaga throwing and surprising other people. 🙂 When I’m in Manila, sure yan na may magsusurprise! Haha! Last year it was Rajo Laurel, 3 years before Tim and Jenni Epperson. And when I got back my beckynights, David Milan, Elmer surprised me with a cake. I guess, mahiyain pala ako. choz! haha!

So as usual, like what Karylle would say.. “Div, you are TAKAS queen”. Umalis na naman ako for my birthday. I guess, i make this a valid excuse to “soul search”. Bongga naman yun, dapat ginagawa natin yun.

So with traveling, i can be kuripot. haha! Eh bakit ako magbabayad ng full price if i can find the same hotel for a discounted rate? I usually visit all the deals site and i collect all my miles and points for air tickets!

Eto, before i go to the post. Lemme share a tip. All your credit card points convert nyo to miles. Abangan nyo din yung online promos for tickets from airlines. For hotels naman you can try (thank you Elmer) and if you are looking for more high end meron ding – (deals), and madami pa. Promise alam ni google yan pagtinanong nyo.

So for my birthday.. WE WENT TO BALI! Yey! I picked the hotel that was quite far from the action. 2 hours away from the aiport to be exact. I was able to get a 70% deal on a deals site! Bongga noh? When i computed masmahal pa magbora! 🙂

The hotel is Alila Villas Soori. If you plan to visit, make sure hindi kayo party erson. This is pure relaxation. Ang layo sa party scene.

Each villa has its own APPLE TV! Inavail ko yung movies. Paano ba naman may classics like “Ghost, Carrie, Dumb and Dumber and Back to the future” haha!

Here I am in my Charina Sarte coverup! This is the path going to the main area of the resort. You also have a service buggy if tamaditis kay maglakad. Inavail ko ang view so best in walking!

This is the view! Malapit kayo sa mga palayan. SO bongga! Very Eat, Pray, love talaga!

WALANG MAKEUP! So no judgment!

Mahangin ba sa labas V? choz!

The main pool’s view! Bongga ng beach kasi super linis but the under currents are too strong daw so they advised you na wag ka nang epal at sa pool ka na. haha!

Main pool area

The Chef’s table area

Each Villa has it’s own pool! So this is our pool!

Overlooking din sya!

Night view! Bongga noh? you can have dinner in your veranda (left side..hindi yung sa tubig..mahirap yun. choz!)

Lumafang kami sa veranda 🙂

Night view!

Bagong gising!

This is the resort’s resto. They serve western and Indonesian cuisine.

Right below the villas, you have a green area kung san ka pwede magsunbathing!

January is actually rainy season. Parang pinas lang. But keri naman because everyday, maaraw sa umaga 🙂

The resto at night

They have a reading room. If pro-aircon ka at ayaw mo yung al fresco dining. They can serve food here.

Our second day was all about yung issue ko na mag eat pray love. Haha! I told V that I wanted to visit KETUT.

Ketut’s home!

It was an hour away from our hotel, in the city of UBUD. Bongga naman puntahan coz they serve the best lechon. SO lure na kay V yun.


D + V

Namula na ako from swimming! hahah!

This cabana na waiting area namin… is the same cabana from the movie! LEVELLING! haha!

Do you remember this scene from the movie? Check out Ketut behind us! Dyan talaga sya nageentertain 🙂 Same like the movie!

Nag all white ako! haha! Kailangan best in linis at baitbaitan ang peg! Para maganda ang reading! haha! V was laughing at me sa mga concept ko sa buhay.

Ok, here’s the deal with Ketut. Be there early. He starts at about 9am. takes only 25 people a day. So we got there about 8:30 pang 5 and 6 kami. Not bad.

I am not a big “hula” fan naman. But for me, it’s something you hear, na sayo na yun kung maniniwala ka or not. If maganda, maniwala ka 🙂 And WORK for it. So in short, gawin mo syang inspiration. Your destiny depends on you d ba? cute lang that maybe a hula can get us inspired to do things. Think na guidelines sya sa life. Minsan nasususnod, minsan hindi 🙂 But anything you work hard for may result d ba? So if you want the hula to be true… WORK for it 🙂

It’s good that i was not the first one. I kinda heard the other readings. In short, I’ll be honest ha. He’s pretty old. He has the tendency to give SAME readings for everyone. So inisip ko… magtatanong ako ng madami. And so happened na tama ang plan ko. I got a different reading from everybody else. No, guys.. hindi nya ako binigyan ng lotto numbers. nakalimutan ko tanong yun. haha!

Natawa sya sakin at sa dami kong tanong.

His answers are vague, hindi naman exact and detailed like maligo ka ng tatlong beses sa isang araw tapos humakbang sa 5 palapag levels (sorry, naalala ko yung mga pamahiin ng manang ko. haha!). But he gives you life ideas that can be helpful. He is very positive din eh so match kami 🙂

Eto example.. the reason why naisip ko magtanong ng madami kasi he answered one question from the girl before me. The girl asked “if she will find her true love soon or in this lifetime” sabi ni Ketut “Love not impatient. Love will go to open door. Love goes to happy. Love goes to those who need and deserve it. be deserving and love will follow”. In short, wala syang sinagot na diretso d ba? But i read/translated it differently. Dapat kasi maging open to loving si girlaloo and be the best person she can be so she can be happy. And then maslalapitan sya ng pagibig. Deadma na sa mukmuk dahil walang love life! Simple message lang, but actually makes sense 🙂

V was so nervous. Sabi ko sa kanya… it’s a reading lang. Chill ka. It won’t predict your destiny 🙂 Sabi din ng driver/tour guide. Expect ketut to be more of a travel experience 🙂 Parang tourist spot na kasi sya.


Parang inaalam nya din paano magbasa, baka bet nyang maging Ketut!

V and Ketut!

Ketut details if you want to visit!

Near the area is the best LECHON! Be sure to try BABI GULING in Ubod.

Casual place but super bongga ng lechon!

This is BABI GULING. All in na! Tipid meals! haha! May balat, betamax, laman loob, and more. Bet ko yung gulay nila na chopped jackfruit according to V. Bali has pork kasi 90% sila na Hindu, if in Jakarta kay wala atang ganito coz mostly Muslim sila.

RIght outside the resto, madmai nang ganap and sites. Avail ang kodakan

We went to another temple on our way back. Medyo nagmamadali kami kasi mukhang uulan na.

Everyone has to wear a sarong! 🙂

Inavail nila ang tubig. haha! I didn’t go down na. Mukhang madulas!

They have on-site tour guides but we were quick lang so we didn’t get na. Be sure to NEGO price first before anything ok? Natawa si V kasi sa isang vendor i was buying softdrinks. Binuksan ko muna yung softdrinks before asking the price. Nadouble tuloy! haha!

We took a couple of photos then hurried back to the hotel. Will surely comeback for a more detailed chika about the temple’s history.

Back in the hotel, we decided to check out the beach. Black sand sila…

The hotel told us not to swim na. but makulet ako eh…

Hindi naman ako nalumod but may casualty of war…. Look at my slippers!

This was taken on our way out. Rice fields ang katabi ng hotel. 🙂

Another hotel trick… Buy drinks and chips outside. Mahal ang mini bar 🙂 So we always refrech our drinks and chips before going back to the hotel 🙂

heading to the airport!

Last shot! Bye Bali!

Our hectic lives and full skeds sometimes can take a toll on all of us. Physically, emotionally and lahat na ng -ly. It’s a nice thing to refresh our soul and energy. Actually, pagod na pagod na ako when I left. I love my full sked but minsan, time goes by so quick that we tend to forget to “see” the real beauty of life. It’s good to take a break once in awhile. You owe that to yourself. Bongga pag birthday kasi at least a new start for the new year. I didn’t do much in Bali. Trust me, super bihira ko maavail yun in Manila. I like my sked full to the max. The first day nga medyo na-lost ako thinking of ano ba nasa sked ko. But it’s nice that i got the chance to watch Dumb and Dumber again.. naalala ko bigla bat ako tawang tawa. Kinilig ako ulit sa ghost. I was able to chill by the view nang hindi tumitingin sa oras. Kakain ako at what time I like. In short, i gave in to my body. 🙂 Usually, ang hilig natin “pakiusapan” ang katawan. Kahit pagod na.. sige lang kasi important and our body always gives in to us. Whats a day or 3 na sya naman ang masunod? #^% days ang isang taon. Give nyo sa kanya kahit 1 day. I slept at whatever time I wished. Eh dati, calculated pa.. i have to sleep at 12 kasi i need to be up by 6. SO kahit hindi ako pagod, pipilitin ko matulog.

When i got back, my friends were asking me kwento. Wala akong makwento. I didn’t do much 🙂 But my soul and body was more refreshed than ever. Yung normal na 10 ganaps a day- kinaya nya ang 15 the week i arrived. Excited to work again! Recharged!

Much love,