I like meeting our fierce barkada- nakakaaliw because just from your photos, questions and comments I feel like I know you guys na. Sometimes people would go up to me and say, “huy ako yung nagpose ng nakahiga and you said chuchu.. ” and naaalala ko! So aliw talaga biglang nagflaflashback yang mga fierce photos nyo sa ulo ko. Hahaha!

I was more than excited when Bayo wanted to do something for Mother’s day. Not only will I meet a member of our barkada, plus we were given a chance pa to make someone’s mama happy!

So after our first 2 videos… HERE IT IS!



I got about a 400 entries. And lahat bongga talaga I had a hard time choosing. I kept all your entries because a lot of your letters touched my heart. Bayo team and I had a lot of “balikan” ng email kasi hirap kami mamili.

So finally for the winner… JOYCE and MOMMY CHONA VELASCO!

They got a whole day of pampering, photoshoot and Php 20,000.00 gift certificate from Bayo!

Nakakaaliw talaga because Joyce wants to model and act so the photos can be used for her portfolio/book while Mommy is really the cutest. She kept on saying thank you and while we were photographing her she said pa to the team “naku, hindi nyo alam gaano ako kasaya.” Alam nyo guys, sobrang salamat, Through this blog ang dami nating nagagawang pakulo and napapatawa. It’s really because of everyone who reads this. So yung message ni Mommy Chona.. para sa inyong lahat na fierce yan! 🙂

When Mommy was posing nga I kept telling her.. “Naks, Mommy Bagong Profile Photo na sa fezbook!!!” And she kept giggling. Hindi naman ako in-add ni Mommy. hahaha! But the pair was super nice, the phots are nice but the experience was more important for me. We started our day at 1pm and ended at about 8pm! Yet, parang ang bilis kasi tawanan ng tawanan and chikahan!

Check out some of our photos below!

Mommy looks so young! Freshness!

Cute pair. From the Bayo store, I offered na they ride with me to the shoot. Ang saya because we were able to make chika in the car. And you can see how sweet they are to each other talaga.

I love how Bayo clothes are not limiting. Ang daming bagay kay Mommy and bagay din kay Joyce. Look at the matching shoes!

I styled them for the shoot. I super loved the shirt of Joyce that I made into a vest. I usually do that with my own clothes para masmadami kayong ma-achieve! 🙂

The pair kept on thanking me and the time but honestly… READERS, MOMMY CHONA and JOYCE. THANK YOU!

I am still texting with Mommy and Joyce. Hopefully I get to help them with Joyce’s modeling career.

Our Video up next too pero pwede nyo narin panoorin through HERE!

Much love,