Today I’m meeting with the Mother and Daughter pair for Bayo! I’m quite excited! I really want to chika, shop and kodakan with them!

But before anything sa super excited ko to show you guys my Bayo finds and how i put them together i-popost ko na here before lookbook! haha! So wag nyo ako ijudge kasi popost ko pa itichi there!

I had to run to Bayo for outfits for our Extreme Makeover photoshoot! May casual layout kasi! Honestly, I really have to thank Bayo because it was so last minute and they said yes!

All their clothes are so cute and girly that in 20 minutes I was able to make 5 looks!

Check it out!

Pagirl look! I love the “culots” paired with the crop top! If insecura ka sa belly mo you can make the crop top like a vest! Super cute! I tried it with wite button down and high waisted pants! Ganap!

Something I would wear if I had to make bantay the kiddies. So comfy! They have a lot of silk shirts that were super cute! Very basic but you can pair it casual and fierosha! the shorts has this pa-cute look that I loved!

Graphic leggings! Very visual and super nice sa photos!

I feel in love with this shorts that I got 2 colors! the shirt is what i call my UNIFORM. Yung safety choice. I usually have UNIFORM pieces in my car or big bag. Just in case I need to change. And lambot pa nya!

Anothe cute crop top! And same shorts but different color!

I’m so excited to style our Mother and Daughter team! Ang daming cute clothes! And plus they will have a photoshoot so dapat fierce!

Check out the behind the scenes of our last video!

Briefing me with the storyboard. WALANG BECKIMESE???? haha!

Cute vest! love the back detail!

Crop top again! haha! And acid wash shorts!

Oh d ba? very gurl ako dito!

with Lambert and my favorite girls! DANICA, bongga mo ha! daming paper baggellyas!

Bayo’s Madel and Pinky. They were so cute and helpful!

I always admire the front liners. They were so helpful and talagang tyinaga nila yung kakulitan at kadaldalan ko 🙂 Thank you for making the shoot so so easy and fun!

Watch the video here!

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Can’t wait to show you our shoot!

Much love,