We have BENCH to open fashion week! And as usual, Ben is the sweetest. I mean, SI BEN CHAN YUN! Yet, he personally texted to invite. Nakakatouch talaga. They show is on a Sunday and Sunday is kiddies day, V took out his younger bro to watch Thor so male bonding sila.

I went to Tessa’s house so I can tag along with them. Cute kasi mini reunion of our Sweden group with Keren there too. Bongga ang ulan and lahat ng detour inisip namin, buti nalang we got their in time. We had about a good 30 minutes before the show started so I was able to go backstage and make chika with Karylle. I super miss K kasi we’ve been so busy and we haven’t seen one another for quite some time na.

So back to the show, Bongga ni Direk Robby because he was able to change the stage per segment using lights and I SUPER LOVE THE MUSIC CHOICE!

Sorry about my photos, usually si V or Milly ang magaling dito. D talaga ako pro, but I’m learning na! My nikon cam is so easy to use! Thank you Nikon! Bongga lang ang settings para sa hindi mga pro katulad ko!

Daryl and Andre. Bongga nyo! D bale, kareerin ko rin magblond next time!

That’s Tessa in a bright pink wigaloo!

Keren who made to help me every time baba ng car or maglalakd coz it was raining and my heels were so high! haha! Thanks Keren!

Fierce DONG! Haha! I told you mini reunion talaga ang peg!

I didn’t get to take photos of Miguel and Ben so sayang. But they were so attentive and I don’t wonder na why Bench shows are palaging pinagkakaguluhan. Must see talaga!

First segment was HUMAN

I like the summer clothes! Perfect lang sya sa init ngayon 🙂

Cute statement shirts and denims!

They guys clothes are super bongga. I even saw a few that I want for myself. Yes, I always shop sa men’s department too 🙂

The brown dress is my fave! I can imagine that with a big beige jacket and high pumps. Kabowg!

Human finale

Next up was Kashieca. Forte ko ang Kashieca kasi very gurl na gurl!

I like the pants! I’m sure you’ll be seeing that in my lookbook soon!

Cute shorts! Reminds me of Daisy dukes with that plaid shirt!

MAXI SKIRT!! Akin kaaaaa! I love Maxi skirts, parang kahit anong crosslegs mo forgiven ka. Haha! And I also like the brown skirt.

See how the stage changes? Kobowgerang Direk toh, BAGO YAN HA!

Randy Ortiz gowns! I must say, I tried HOMAGE. Kareer sya. Matagal sya nag-sta-stay sa balat. I sprayed it before I went to sleep and kareer parin pag gising. That’s usually my scent staying power test eh 🙂

After this.. eto na ang hinihintay nyo! The BENCH SEGMENT!

Joseph opened the show. Syempre super sigaw kami! We were all together in Stockholm. A lot of people screamed for him dinoble pa namin sa row namin. haha! Go Joseph!

Melay and Jason was there too!

Melay was so fierce!


Sorry for the bad photos. Enchong was so energetic! Tumatalon pa talaga sya 🙂

I have to say… ANG SEXY NI KIM! SUPERRR!

I remember seeing her when she celebrated her 18th bday before. But dalaga na talaga sya! FIERCE!

There were more celebs but fail ako sa photo department

We had Geogie, Lovi, Jake, and many more. But ayun nga..hindi ko nakunan… But guess what… NAHABOL KO ANG PHOTO NI K!

I screamed the loudest when K came out. I remember we even had catwalk workshops at home for her! Fierce, hindi nya nakalimutan 🙂 Luv ya k!

Will try to post more about the other shows!

Much love,