Berlin! This is my 2nd time in Germany but first time in Berlin. We came to Berlin for a series of meetings that but unfortunately got cancelled due to VISA problems. Boo that! Since we have already booked our tickets and hotels we just decided to proceed with our trip (We were there for one full day lang naman so we just mad it our rest stop).

If you are planning to Visit Germany, bongga ang cultural chuchu. I mean, the Berlin wall is a good side to see if you have a good tour guide to explain everything or may kusa kayo magbasa about it. But aside from the normal historical tours that fascinated me, natuwa talaga ako sa architecture ditich. SO MODERN AND BONGGA!

The way the Germans speak has this strong accent. V kept on laughing at me whenever I try to order from the menu or say the street names.

V: Love, what’s the street near the mall?

D: Oh! Hammbuuurggraaatttcchhhh!

V: What? No, no the street near the hotel.

D: Oh, Priiinnssseeepppggrrraaatttccchhhh!!

V: D bale na.

Bongga toh dito! MULTI PEDI CAB! haha!

Para sulit ang bayad sa ambiance, kahit anong init..tiniis ang outdoor!

Kita mo yung sign behind him? TAKBO PAG NAKITA NYO SI MILAN!



Mas ewan.

Hay salamat, kung wala ako isa pang ewan toh. haha! jk 🙂

Dress: Greenhills tiangge

Shoes: Fendi

Aww…. this is really sweet. Written on the Berlin Wall.

I think I’m the only person with a picture like this here. WHERE’S WALDO! haha!

Berlin Wall.

Bagay d ba? haha!

Catsuit: H&M

Bag: Chanel

Flats (I forgot)

Bongga ang sandcastle nila!

Lego GIRA-FFI! haha! We taught my inaanak GIRA-FFI instead of Giraffe. Gusto kami patayin ng nanay.

Much love,