This is it! FULL blast ba kamo? Berocca made it bigger and better this year! With 3 legs nationwide, this last leg was done in HYVE!
 photo untitled-6180_zpsab729104.jpg photo untitled-6183_zps3f15f445.jpg
Loving the green LED paandar! What I love about Berocca parties is that ang taas ng energy! We really live up to the “FULL BLAST” slant! photo Additional6944_zpsf0be5d86.jpg
 photo untitled-6203_zpsd4c87bd4.jpg
 photo untitled-7671_zpsf5f43a41.jpg
The whole place puno ng berocca goodies! And they had games too!
 photo untitled-6239_zps048cbe45.jpg
Gusto ko tong halloween costume! I’m sure dadami friends ko! Free powered booze! hahaa!
 photo untitled-6247_zps9c4cd74e.jpg
Here are the boys!!! YEAAAHHH MAN!
 photo untitled-6491_zps51acfa3a.jpg
Melissa Ricks was there too!
 photo untitled-6551_zps4e6bbd5b.jpg
Nikki! I love this girl!
 photo untitled-6568_zpsa9059dcf.jpg
Bongga ng Dimples ni Dimples!
 photo untitled-6620_zpsdb077c4c.jpg
 photo untitled-6470_zpsb5942c37.jpg
I was actually working that night too! Showbiz Police!
 photo untitled-6643_zpsec30257c.jpg
 photo untitled-6646_zps0344a78b.jpg
Of course D+V!
 photo untitled-6428_zps8e3364da.jpg
 photo untitled-7703_zpsd1a7bedb.jpg
The event was hosted by Boys night out so sure na medyo pilyo yan!
 photo untitled-6983_zpsf083de0f.jpg
Tony owes me big time. I was hiding from him eh, nahatak ako to join a game!
 photo untitled-7016_zps7c34a347.jpg
Believe it or not, twerking daw dapat! Well, sport naman ako.. I did it. For 2 seconds . hahahaa! Buti nalang paandar nila lahat panalo!
 photo untitled-7017_zps20d48111.jpg

Super fun night! Excited for the next ganap of Berocca! Always take it pag gimik at pagoda day para full blast lagi!
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