I like reading. I am actually a fast reader. Only problem is in a month I usually finish 20 books. So sometimes I forget na the story. Months after. I actually used reading to cure my insomnia before, but parang lumala because some books are just so hard to put down! Parang TV series na sinasabi mo, “last ep na promise then matutulog nako.” Haha!

So far here are some of the books I read recently

Opportunist: I love how unconvential this love story is. May pagkabaliw lang ang peg. I kinda got sick of the perfect love stories since parati nalang ganun binabasa ko. haha! This is from the point of view of the girl. Then 2nd book “Dirty Red” is form the antagonist point of view and finally “Thief” is from the male’s point of view.

I don’t want to give away spoilers baka mahulasan kayo. Haha! But if you want something different, try this!


Next up is GONE GIRL!

This is nice way of writing how the point of view changes and the present to the past. Very flashbacks of My Husband’s lover. Haha! Parang if mahilig ka sa scheming people and “INTENSE” relationships. Try this!

Next up the coincidence of Callie and Kayden. Saklap din nito! haha! But love is not all flowers and chocolates (ano daw?!?! haha!) so if gusto nyo yung medyo haggard sa puso. Eto!

This trilogy was actually recommended by a friend. Mahilig ba kayo sa rockstars? haha! Eto! It’s a very easy read actually. I don’t like reading heavy things, d ako makatulog lalo eh!

From rockstar to movie star naman. This was recommended by a teen to me. Sometimes i like mga young adult category. Relax lang kasi. 🙂

Ok, will compile more list. I think I should stop the Young adult muna. I shifted kasi, since a few months back all I read was mala hunger games levels like Divergent, etc. So i wanted naman na mas real life pero young so I ended up here. Will move on to mysteries next!


Much love,