Breakout Experience!

Medyo slight na addict kami kasi pinatunayan namin na hindi lang kami maganda, matalino pa! Choz!
 photo 0_zpseffe1c88.jpg
You can’t really take photos inside so chika ko nalang! The idea is you go into a room with your friends (max is 7) then you solve puzzles.
 photo 1_zps542cbb72.jpg
In fairness to us, record breaking kami ng becky group! First ever to solve 3 rooms and get out in record breaking time! We did this! The motel and fave ko toh!
 photo 2_zps2fd93b60.jpg
Eto natapos namin with 18 minutes left!
 photo 3_zps4e352584.jpg
Eto muntik kami ma stuck but we got it with 3 seconds left! Total of 45 minutes per room!
 photo 4_zps356f8768.jpg
Bongga syang pang barkada ganap! Check out their site!

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