After work I had to rush to my doctor for some shots. Fortunately there was no line so I was able to do it quickly. Then off to the cinema to meet my becklings!

Martin Bautista and Xtina are super big fans of Ms. Aguilera so they closed down “Greenbelt My Cinema” for a private screening. Bongga ng mga becky! And what’s funnier is they saw the movie na 5x! Parang “clueless”, nung bagets ako paulit ulit ko din pinanood at sa cinema yun when free seating pa ang upuan and you can come in anytime (ulitin mo nalang pag nagstart ka sa gitna) haha! When we got there, narealize ko there was only about 5 girls and 2 straight boys (that’s Vic and Mars who were nice enough na nagpauto sa mga girlfriend nila) and the rest are becky rangers! Pag pinasabog kami, mauubos designer ng fashion week! Just by the casting, I was already sure masaya toh! Everyone was screaming and shouting! Puro side comments ang mga becky especially pag may mga boylet scenes! I had so much fun! Thank you MB and XTINA for the invite!

First stop! Dinner with Vic because we got to greenbelt 2 hours early!

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Fendi

Jumpsuit: Charina Sarte

Bag: Balenciaga

Testing our camera settings…

Vic was too busy with his camera that we didn’t get to take so much pics together.

Our couple pic. haha! He’s in the background.

Lotho Lotho!


We saw GIAN at laneway fest Singapore!

Visions group!

Buern and Jake

Our hosts! Martin and Xtina!

I love mommy Tina Dnaiac!

Wag tularan.

YUN OH! haha!

After the movie, we rushed to Tessa’s party. Unfortunately Tim and the gang left early. But we were able to get some feng shui goodies!

Ayan, naexcite na naman ako sa horoscope

Tom jones kami so we went to Shinjuku for midnight snack 🙂

Have an early meeting so we decided to call it a night!

Much love,


PS. Watch Burlesque! It’s cute and light.