So for her birthday celebration, she decided to throw a fashion show, pictorial and party all in one. best in multi tasking ang drama! hahaha!

I think ang bongga ng concept nya, she had a live photoshoot of her models and muses instead of the traditional ramp model chuchu.

It’s so fun because they models were partying with the guests while having a shoot!

Best in Early na naman akitch!

Pauline with Milan. Hindi talaga gentlegay si Milan, nilalamig na si Pauline d parin pinahiram ang jacket.

Belle and Adrien

Happy birthday Chari Burger!

Khaz and Pleshy!

Ayan, masnauna pa ako lumabas sa venue kaysa kay Chrina. Hahaha!

Dahil birthday mom agbibigyan ko na magchange outfit ka! hahaha! Outfit 1!

Outfit 2!

Laureen… Bonggels mo talaga! 🙂 I super like this girl. Ang cute!

Jess, Mike, Nicole and Laureen! Kaka-bagets! 🙂

Jimmy from Parsons and Charmy na forever dancing partner ko!

My kababata Speedy (yes, magkakilala kami since 6 years old ako), his wifey Alta and Chari!

Welcome back Kitty! you should visit more often. This is our batch sa modelling. Mga Robby carmona babies. Kulang lang si Charmy and Nicolette!

Actual styling done in front of everybody!

Photoshoot during party proper!

At walang patawad na tinawag ako ni Robby. Sabi ko graduate na ako dyan! kalowka!

Models from elite!


Ruffie and Bubbs were able to make habol! 🙂

Inside joke namin toh. EMMA ang bagong FPJ!

Please check out Charina’s new collection. Super bonggels! You can check out her store in Greenbelt 5, 2nd floor!

Much love,