Hi guys! Eto, may bagong ganap! I am now blogging for Kristn.com! I’ve been ask to blog for a couple of websites but nung inexplain sakin yung Kristn, nabet ko talaga sya. Very overall ang pegaloo! Hope you get to visit my vlag there!

Here’s my first article!

How to wear a man’s polo: Pair it with nothing

I’m serious! Well, not completely. Of course underwear is always a must (we shouldn’t even be talking this basic… haha!) but a good polo can be turned into a dress! Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City showed this in one of her episodes. Just pair it with some chunky necklace, thin belt, and some killer heels, and you just turned your white shirt into a man magnet.


Hello! I’m Divine and I guess an introduction is a must. First of all, I am very happy to be blogging for this new site, Kristn. I currently have a blog, divinemlee.com, and for those who have been reading it, please note that my tone here is very different. Nonetheless, it will be just as fun! Aside from blogging, Twitter, and engaging in the social network world, you can also catch me doing field reports and panel for TV5’s Ang Latest (formerly JUICY!). But enough about me, let’s proceed with the program! Like we say in the show… “Ano ang latest?”

The opening and finale of all fashion shows should be the big stars. I believe that’s also how it should be with my fashion & beauty column. Pressure! So in order to come up with my first article, I ransacked my closet. I even ransacked V’s (Victor Basa‘s) closet. Just when I was about to give up, it felt like a sudden spotlight (cue in  angels singing. Please bear in mind that I can be all about the theatrics when I write, so just go with the drama!) fell on a pile of clothes I carelessly dumped on the floor—a pile of white shirts. So just like in any fashion night emergency when we always run to the LBD (the little black dress), I realized that I also had my own fashion sure-fire hit for fashion day emergency: the plain white shirt.

I don’t know why it became my favorite go-to staple. Is it because it was required to wear white polos as uniforms when we were younger, consciously engraving it to be the “safe choice”? Was it the imagery in movies that the girl in a crisp white shirt always books the job? Or was it the numerous romance films, which highlighted a couple in a hotel suite with the girl in a white shirt symbolizing the happy fairy tale ending? Fact or fiction and regardless of the reason, I think the white shirt has proven to us over and over that it can combine both simplicity and sexiness in perfect balance and chemistry, which is tough for any fashion item. Let me talk to you about the various types of white shirts.

The shirt that got away is that plain white men’s polo you intentionally “forgot” to return to your ex, or the one your brother’s been looking for for months. It is the first must-have for every girl. I am guilty of abusing Victor’s white polo. When picking the right one, try to get one with buttons that are white or frosted. Black buttoned polo’s can be a bit trickier to match. Get one with a relaxed or slim fit in the men’s section (the women’s polo’s can be too tailored), because you’ll want some breathing space for it to be multipurpose.

Browse through the gallery below to learn how to wear a white men’s polo and other types of the “perfect white shirt.”


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