Our annual TIME ZONE christmas party!

Every year, Ate Karylle is in charge of our annual christmas party! Of course the fun thing is that we all make it a point to outdo our last one. Thank God for friends… Na-achieve!

Bagong taon na guys so I hope that this is the year of love and support for you. Meaning find a cause or something to support. SOmething you can be passionate about. I remember My teacher in college is best in chika. Isa sya dun sa mga cool teachers (HELLO MISS NOCUM! I know sisitahin mo ako sa daming kaguluhan ng sentences, spelling at grammar ko but lam ko naman love mo palagi lahat ng articles ko. Haha) Nung chumichika kami, I asked her before if college really matters ba? In building who I am as a person. What is fruitful ba? Ano bang ang buhay na WORTHY? (oo, deep at senti na ako nung bagets ako). Sabi nya, in the end these things will give you a good life, a safe life, build who you are. But the real you, the one that you can’t learn is school.. ETO YUNG SINASAGOT NG QUESTION NA ” What do you stand for?” or kung nateggy ka na at na kay San Pedro ka at tinanong ka “Nung nasa lupa ka, WHAT DID YOU STAND FOR?” Yan daw ang dapat ko hanapin. I never really forgot that convo. Love you Miss Nocum 🙂

So like all of you guys, I am in a constant search for what I stand for. I have some bits and pieces na but sana soon enough mabuo ko na talaga ano sya. So sabay sabay tayo?

So that’s what I urge everyone to do this year. Find out what you stand for. Of course, best in encourage ako na sana isa sa mga sinosupport ko like Equality, or child haus warriors or organ donor card. But kahit hindi man, i really want you guys to find this 🙂 Trust me, nakakafresh sya 🙂

So on to our event!

Here’s K and Yael. I was a bit late because this was the same day i played with Tessa in WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE for CHILDHAUS of course.

The kiddie na tabachingching ang partner ni V palagi. Super kulet! 🙂


At first hindi ko naman inisip na magiging ganito ako kainvolve sa Childhaus. Actually, it was more like an invite and i wanted to go.. but soon enough ma-iinlove ka sa mga bagets. Para silang pringles, once you start.. you can’t stop 🙂 Trust me, wala pang first time volunteer na hindi umulit!

HELLO DJ MIA! Mia from Magic 899 has been one of the original warriors with me, K, Iza Calzado and Tin (SUZY 899)

Teach me how to… CHICKEN! haha!

Todo talaga si John!

Fresh! pArang hindi ilang oras nagset up! haha!

Mia power hug!

Group hug! Guys, hindi naman ako ganyan kakapal magmukup sa daily basis.. nahiya naman ako bigla. haha! Paliwanag ko sa presinto na galing nga ako sa WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. haha!

Thank you to our friends! From Malu Gamboa of El Cirkulo, Kathy of Kandi Treats, Mcdonalds, Adrian and Wyanet of Mary Grace, Charmaine and Will of Monster’s Prod, Rajo Laurel, my fierces and super dami pa! I have to get the full list from Karylle 🙂

Ok, this is my boy Renz. Sya yung dahilan bakit ako bumalikbalik 🙂


With My magic girls! LOVE YOU!

The boys!

I usually say short thank yous… iyakin ako eh…

So si Karylle nalang 🙂

Childhaus gave us plaques 🙂

Cutie si bagets! best in hila! haha! tigil na daw ang kodakan! haha!

Nagselos si renz….

With our fierce Jaymee 🙂

Ate Daydee! Thank you sa pagasikaso all the time 🙂 She heads all the kiddies in the house 🙂

Meery christmas!

Sana next year pag blog ko ng annual childhaus party namin, masagot nyo na ang tanong ko…


Much love,