Chinese New Year 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! So I hosted the recent Chinese New Year for Manila Hotel. And bongga that they flew in a Feng Sui expert!
 photo 24926037526_5b8f3c410c_o_zpsnknpkcbh.jpg
Read more to know about mga pampabwenas sa taon na toh!

And of course, I was with my star team – Jake and Buern! Theme namin for the night “Mano Po” look
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Wearing Lady Danger by Mac for lipstick. Dapat pula-ish eh!  photo 24325480283_ac29f73d90_o_zpsbfsvfr0e.jpg photo 24926023776_6bbc146f9b_o_zpsvvrhlcja.jpg
Master Buern talaga for hair. I really love my short hair, lakas maka Taylor Swift! Nagka bangs lang din ako recently with Buern!
 photo 24321747064_a22d4cbf98_o_zpsnnsnino8.jpg photo 24858979591_dd1950069b_o_zpstde36ro5.jpg
Ang magic trick for this look is curling iron 3/4 barrel. Curl it “vertically” hindi horizontal yung barrel. photo 24859006971_55615aa75f_o_zpszfcukzlh.jpg
WOKE UP LIKE DIZZZZ photo 24926045296_6c9b68a165_o_zpskocwkp1h.jpgOf course, outfit by Rajo Laurel. If you look closely, the side panels are sheer!
 photo 24321759074_54b80a9d30_o_zps6vgnwq8j.jpg
I remember we bought the OBI tela from Japan! Ang galing noh? How he was able to turn it into a modern dress! photo 24926057016_cefb29cacb_o_zpso0ihrgux.jpg photo 24325499083_526f5594b5_o_zpssz8jqxjh.jpg
So for Chinese New year, ang lakas ng racket ng dragon dancers! The dragon dance is to ward off bad spirits and bring in luck.
 photo 24321840364_39563332f6_o_zpsivxxmhi6.jpgMay dragon and lions every time. It’s actually a serious art ha, may organizations who really teach the right way to do the dragon dance. photo 24325596343_265cb111aa_o_zps9wtarnsh.jpg photo 24834473852_21ffce7e36_o_zps6zjjqdm4.jpg photo 24656939120_d155df5be4_o_zpsq6ilrqhm.jpgAlso, fireworks are also very important. The loud noises are believed to shoo away bad spirits.

So the whole event started with cocktails. But eto yung bongga, may tips ako for a better year!
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The monkey is a very active year daw. So they main advice is to keep your life energy high so you can see opportunities. One way to do it is to always be positive. Medyo basic but totoo naman, sa daming haggard sa buhay we forget to be positive sometimes.
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Ayan may pa raffle! This year, the prosperity ganap is in the east. So mag compass kayo and look for the east of your room or house. Put a cash box daw there with ang pao na may money Php168 pesos. DO NOT OPEN if you are not going to add money.
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This year is also about travel daw. To increase your luck with travel, try to work or study or tambay in the SOUTH part of your room. If your bedroom is there. swerte mo!
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Here’s Master Chau and his son Master Vittorio. Bongga daw ang rooster sign this year sa love and romance. If hindi ka rooster, activate your love luck which is in the SOUTH EAST. Any mandarin ducks in that area will activate love luck. We got our charms in Binondo nila Margaux before. Its actually the same every year. ibang position lang.
 photo 24584848559_ef16b51bd0_o_zpsqef3wmoe.jpg

 photo 24656981380_2fab85135d_o_zps11d55cxh.jpg
Lucky colors are Red, Pink, Violet, Marroon, Orang, white, gold and silver. Try to use these colors for mga interview nyo, or presentation, or mga ganap that needs extra luck.
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Overall, the prediction for business and economy is much better daw. Medyo naging haggard daw tayo last year, this year gets better. One tip though is be very careful and avoid greed. To enhance money luck for fire monkey year, chika ni Master is “give more.” Donate and share blessings. Things will flow easier.

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My friends and I are bog fans of charms. We go Binondo shopping pa before every new year. We skipped this year and we have our existing charms naman. So ang trick is paarawan mo yung charm and para ma reenergize sya. Don’t let anyone else touch your charm. Then buy a book like Lilian Too (fave namin toh) or Feng Sui Essentials of Master Chau. Follow the guide where to put the charms.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Much love,