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All That ‘D’ Can Be

By Apryl Galang

Call Her Different! Second time Circuit Cover girl Divine Lee has somewhat a split persona. Aside from being a sexy builder and society darling; she’s also funny! Let me remind you, she’s not trying to pull off a satirical stunt of some sort. She’s truly funny chick and a true-blue Becky (read: gay) at heart. Take note, she never tried to hide it!

So where did she learn her comic antics? “I’m gonna quote Nix Alanon, one of my friends. ‘Some humans were raised by wolves, Divine was raised by beckys.’ I grew up talaga with gay friends. Parang for me, they just seem so naturally funny with what they say or do, even if I’m at my lowest point, they can still make me laugh.” Undoubtedly, these previous chapters in her life made her what she is today—the best fag hag this side of the planet.

The tricky part comes in; how hilarious can she get? “Try natin?! Hahaha… I never try to be funny. Whatever comes out from my lips, that’s it. And kung matawa ka, bonggels! I never take myself too seriously. I don’t knownga why people would write some things about me na sobrang serious about me, eh never naman akong naging serious.”

No wonder, she currently leads the pack as the newly hailed Becky Icon. Mind you, she’s got a growing number of followers as evidently seen in her Twitter account (@DivinemLee) and blog site (www.divinemlee.com). And they’re just not usual viewers, they take effort in showing their love and support for Divine through their fierce photos. She receives at least 40+ pics in a day aside from the emailed questions (she gets around 50/day) where she gives advice to her loyal followers.

Now, that’s a real challenge! All in all, Divine’s overly ecstatic and appreciates her readers’ response. If she could only read every question, posts, and submitted photos in one sitting, she’ll do that. Then again, she’s also got a handful of tasks to take; like being the 4th member of Podcast Show’ Becky Nights crew, entrepreneur and recently as host for Extreme Home Makeover Edition on TV5 while attending glam events on the side. Whew, so much for being a multi-tasking gal! But knowing how dynamic Divine can be, she’s very much an awesome Superwoman-Always-On-The-Go.

We asked her a few questions that are rarely asked. Spell W-A-C-K-Y, that was how Divine gave her spontaneous replies and made us laugh our hearts out.

How does she feel that she’s become the 4th member of Becky Nights? Award, Bongga! I’m flattered. For them to see actually that you can be part of the group even if I’m not gay, it only means that I understand them. I give advice on air. It’s like I’m a master of something.

How do they prepare for the episode? We never prepare. Whatever comes out from our lips, yun na! What’s nice about Becky Nights is that its not your typical radio show. The callers treat us like friends. They ask for advice then we give them our honest opinions. Sometimes, it’s too funny or too real but it’s like the same thing that you would normally advice to your other friends.

On Being a Becky Queen and Gay Icon? Lahat naman ng Becky Icons bongga eh. I mean for me kasi its not me as a person but for the cause that I’m fighting for that’s why I’m regarded as one because I can see the discrimination happening and I try to be pro-active. If you were given a queen title except for Denial Queen, you’d be very happy with it.

On Having Fierce Blog and Followers?
Actually, the blog is not about me. It’s about the readers and somehow it has become a stage for them. It has become a venue for confidence and for self-esteem. Yung mga taong hiyang hiya dati, now they feel that it’s okay to be fun, to show to their true selves and to the world that they can be fierce. That’s what I want people to do: find positivity.

Do you get to meet your followers? I do it every time I host an event. I make sure I invite some of my readers. It’s nice to have an intimate get together, sit down for a meal, chat, know more them personally and enjoy the night. That’s really what I want.

On Being a Role Model? I’m not perfect and I’m no saint either, but I’d rather spread positivity online. If people can get inspired by my blog, then bonggels!

Her Favorite Gay Icon? Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Ru Paul for foreign. Locally, it’s Zsa Zsa Padilla and she knows it. Since I’m very close to her daughter, Karylle so dapat sanay na ko to casually talk to her but I still get nervous. The other day she went to my house. Di ako mapakali, I changed my lip color 4 times because I felt that Zsa Zsa didn’t like my lip color.

Does she get starstruck? One time, I saw Nova Villa, kulang na lang mahulog ako sa upuan ko because I always remember her when I was young. So when I saw her face-to-face parang di ko alam ang gagawin ko. I wanted to call her mommy.

How did Zsa Zsa influence her? Obviously, I love Zsa Zsa’s 80s hairdo, forte ko talaga yung cobra hair nya but I edited it a little. For me, big hair is in.

Any haters online? Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of haters in my blog. The farthest that people do is to inquire if this certain personality is gay. Well, as for me it’s not my story to tell. Though I still get a few hate mails, I reply to them. The worst email I got is when somebody said that I look gay. It’s just so funny because I never denied that. I always have this thinking that I can still convert them to actually like me. You always have the power to actually reverse that nega-vibe and everyone should at least try.

One liner Shout Out you want to tell?
Ikaw na! You already! I tell that to everyone, because that connotes confidence.”

Credits: Clothes by Eric Delos Santos and Rajo Laurel / Accessories by Koket

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