How many times do I have to say HAIR IS POWER? Haha!

I’ve been delaying this post for quick sometime because I wanted to post a video but again, super fail talaga ako sa editing department.

I curl my hair during special events or when I go out. But to achieve super volume hair during shoots quick, I usually have a little help. More often than not, hair becomes too tired pag super inabuso ng styling, so if I am on my 8th lay-out and nagiinarte na sya, we go to the no-fail solution… HAIRPIECES!

Hairpieces are clip on extensions used by most of your favorite stars. And yes, si Jlo, malamang nagganito din. Hindi ako maniniwalang GOD given lahat ng buhok na yun. Pang tatlong tao ang kapal nun. Haha!

This is the quickest way to get bonggang hair. All you need to do is clip and you’re ready to go!

Here are your fave celebs using HAIRPIECES TOO!



Iza my love!!!


And many more, pero as if naman kailangan ko isa isahin pa. Gets nyo na yun. Haha!

Hairpieces comes in a wide variety of colors and in WAVY or straight. So kahit anong feel nyo pweding ma-achieve!



This is how it looks out of the box. Each box comes with 6 pieces. I honestly just use a few for volume but pag peg ko si Shakira I use 2 boxes. So depende sa inyo yun.

A box of straight hair clip-ons cost PHP 4,650.00 while the wavy cost PHP 6,200.00.

To know more about this, you can check out:

Or call


M. +63 917 584 7156

But wait lang…… Since all you guys are always bugging me for hair videos and wit pa ako maproduce dahil fail nga ako sa editing… WE ARE GIVING AWAY A BOX OF WAVY EXTENSIONS FOR THIS MONTH!

At the end of the month, Diana will choose a BONGGANG BONGGANG BONG BONG HAIR AWARD which will receive a box of HAIRPIECES Clip ons. She will be choosing from ALL THE FIERCE FOLLOWERS FROM DAY 1!

Oh d ba? Bongga!

So good luck guys and HAIR IS POWWEEERRR!!

Much love,