I’m a fan of home treatments. Sometimes kasi I fall asleep when i go to nail salons so best in kahiya naman ako nun!

So when my sis-in-law mentioned that she got this cool service, syempre try namin ni V! OMG, bongga sya compared sa iba. Because they bring chairs and they are into sterilization chenes. Aminin nyo, all of us at one point nagworry kung nilinis ba yung mga tools that they use? lalo na when we heard that Paula Abdul got an infection! The nice thing is that you really see all their tools sealed and hindi yung alcohol lang.

They have so much services! Meron pang mga spa party!

They brought the chairs and all!

And their nail polish collection is the best! Orly ang levelling!

You can spy a heelless by the side of my sala. haha!

Ok lang makatulog kung sa balur!

V Joined the fun!

Another thing is they have a checking system, so sure ka hindi sya syndikato. haha! you check the bags before they leave, SOP yan. I said ok na, but they said it’s part of the service talaga. Sabi ko, wala naman mananakaw dito! hahaha!

Madaling magmulti task!

Look at their collection!

The set up!

It’s perfect for spa parties talaga! I will be doing it with becky nights soon!

Parang nakikinig parin ako sa chika sa table! hahaha!


Thank you to our Celebrity nails family!

May suki na ako from RETIRO BRANCH!

I will be giving away something for you guys soon! Hintay lang kayo! 🙂

But first of all, for those who wants to try out their service:

Call: 502 7332

Mobile; 0917 812 0479

To get my fave technician: Look for LEN! haha! Retiro branch yun (5853916 or 09175349326)

I will be giving away a spa party soon! Baka jumoin pako sa inyo! hahaha!

But before i announce…

1) follow them on twitter!

@celebrity_nails and @cnsRetiroManila

2) Check out their website: http://www.celebritynailssalon.com

3) Like their facebook!


Then watch out for my contest post!

Much love,