If there’s one person who can rival Tim in hrowing parties… that’s TESSA! Kaya nga nagjoin forces sila palagi. hahaha!

So for Dennis big 50. The theme was Pirate in Temptation Island because of Tessa’s role in temptation Island. BONGGELS!

You should see the invite. COrny nga I lost it eh, cut out na pop out with the Temptation island girls in the background then Dennis as a pirate! hahaha!

Again, like Tessa’s bubbly personality… all out ang decors!

I never knew they had an events place in this mall!

Pati waiters in costume and in character! AHH LAVET!

Best in abala talaga si Tessa. The set-up was amazing!

I was early again! Actually 2 hours late na ako, but never ko mabeat si Tessa and Tim sa pagkalate. haha! I saw the celebrant and when I asked him about the party. CLueless daw sya! haha! cute! Surprise levels lahat ni Tessa!

Watch the movie para masight nyo yung props!

Like V’s bday na parang bday ko… ganun din si Tessa. haha! Parang sya ang may birthday! She had our Extreme Makeover bus waiting at the entrance!

check out our beds! I plan to customize mine. Will be bringing sheets and all!

CUTE! Mega Me and Mini Me! hahaha!

OO, ang cheap at abbaw ko but i was super happy to see our bus!

After touring the bus, We went back to the party to check out the games! Yes, they had computer slot machines! funnnn!

Habang best in laro ako (na honestly hindi ko ma-gets paano ako nananalo), V attcked the buffet!

Ayan na! Our Mermaid is here!

G and her new haircut. Ganun kakaiba na hindi ko na mention ibang tao sa photo. Hindi ko sya nakilala. Maybe she chopped off 10 inches.

Cute ng display ng Temptation Island clothes!

I’m still wondering paano na-sight ni tessa ang ganap! Bonggels sa lashes!

AWWW! Ang cute nilang couple. Kulitan ng Kulitan! 🙂

Tessa called us to the stage ??? Pole Dancing podium. hahaha! Part of the EXTREME MAKEOVER TEAM! YEBAH! In fair, kinareer ni Pao ang outfit. Kakagulat ha! ahhaha!

And then Tessa called in V for games. Ayan yung game na say happy birthday the longest. You guys better see this.

Ayan, mukhang malakas pa loob ni V…

Can you see the pain? Hahaha! Ganyan nya kagusto yung prize! hahahaha! Timex watch kasi!

He won pero look at him… naubusan ng oxygen sa ulo. BWAHAHAHhAHA!

Tessa had super daming games and surprises. May pole dancing, fire dancing at kung ano ano pa! hahaha!

Liz and Bianca came after watching Varekai with Timmy! 🙂 Robby with us in the photo!

Fierce DOng! Ang kinis mo talaga!

Back home with my pirate 🙂

Nagmamadaldita. choz! hahah!

I love parties with themes. I always do it every christmas for my Gay xmas party! SAYA LANG!

Ano kaya this year? Hmmmnnn….

Much love,