OMG! I cannot wait for this movie to come out!!! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m a big big big fan of the English rose. She was loved by millions around the world. She embodied what it’s like to be a royal. Her works of charity and being an advocate of peace made the world’s eyes turn on her. So happy that they finally made a big budget movie about her. ‘Diana’ the movie shows the last two years of Princess Di’s life. Her last two relationships with the doctor Hasnat Khan and of course, Egyptian billionaire Dodi Fayed. Yez, as in the son of Mohamed Al Fayed of Harrod’s. Actually, kapag pumunta kayo sa Harrod’s sa London, you’ll still see the statue of Diana and Dodi inside the mall. Kaloka diba, walang magawa ang British Royal Family kasi nasa loob nga naman sya nang mall nila. Kalekrey. I’ve read so many books about Diana kaya excited ako to watch how they interepret her story in the movie.
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