hi Ms. Divine, you’ll probably laugh at what I’m about to share. but feel free, I can sense you’re as real as one could possibly get.n well, here goes- you may not be a celebrity or a multimedia entertainer, but your name and persona has reached even the southern part of the country-Cagayan de Oro. Back here, some girl and becky friends along with me, are such HUGE fans!! We adore how authentic and genuine you are despite the fact that you are one of the country’s well-celenrated socialites “it” girls. It is absolutely inspiring how, someone as powerful as you, could remain so humble/down-to-earth. 🙂 we LOVE you, Miss D! 🙂 -CdO chapter ng Divine fans club! hahaha ;D

D: BONGGA NAMAN! Mula Aparri hangang Hulu! haha! jk! V had a show there a few months ago! Dapat pala sumama akitch! Would love to visit CDO! Anong ganap dyan? Ikot nyo ako ha! Baka hindi IT girl more like EAT girl. Lafang ng lafang! haha! WIll update you if we have a trip to CDO para we can have coffee and chika. Love you guys long time!

Much love,