DIY wall treatments! Extreme makeover in your own home!

Aside from being the project manager for Extreme Makeover, I am also tasked to do all the art projects. Actually bata pa ako, mabutingting na talaga ako sa bahay. And may pagka OC din kasi ako sa pagorganize so I kinda found a lot of different solutions for my mga inaaning na stuff at home. haha!

This first project that I am gonna show you guys, I actually did in my apartment in Hong Kong. My place had RED WALLS. Hindi ko keri, parang yung naalert kasi yung utak ko sa pagkavivid ng red nya. And since I was only renting, hindi ko pwedeng palitan yung kulay ng pader. I also wanted a cheap option since ang hirap ng racket dun so I had to save my earnings pero hindi ko na talaga matake yung kulay ng kwarto. haha!

So technically eto yung ginawa ko. I just grabbed these photos from the net kasi way back pa yung HK apartment (hindi pa nga digicam nun) and hindi ko na mahanap yung mga roll ng film that showed the photos.

Rather than buying the expensive padded wall treatments… I did my own! (Check the headboard, ganyan yung inspiration)

Some people can also opt for carpet tiles, leather or whatever material you can think of.

The colors and texture is also up to you!

Pag mas bet nyo pa more projects, you can actually put RIVETS or covered buttons to add details.

So here are the things you need.

1. WALL (malamang.. haha!)

2. Plyboard or illustration board (this depends on how stable and permanent you want the wall fixture to be.

3. Adhesive: Double sided tape, duct tape and rugby and/or staple gun and thumbtacks

4. Choices of fabric

5. Foam sheets

6. Optional covered buttons or you can make your own by using cap bottles or TANSANS. the cover with choice of fabric.

Here is my mini video 🙂

Since, ilang minutes lang ang nabigay sakin.. hindi na demo lahat. haha! Here are some key points you need to know.

1. Use illustration board or Plyboard. It depends on you, mas career gawin yung sa plyboard but it’s more sturdy.

2. Make sure to put rugby adhesive to every padded square. We didn’t get to show it since babaho ang bahay. haha!

3. Sorry but nagwash out yung white ko na fabric. Actually iba iba syang pattern but hindi kita.

4. BE creative, i’m sure madami pa kayo madagdag dyan if bet nyo! 🙂

Kahit pala daily yung primers namin and we have a full episode every sunday hindi pa din makita lahat. I hope TV5 would make a spinoff show of extreme makeover art projects na DIY! masaya yun!

I have 2 more projects na lighting fixture and chandelier for the next videos!

sneak peak of next to come!

Parang ganito yung mga next ones 🙂

recycled bottles for chandelier

utensils chandelier!

Please tweet me @divinemlee and @tv5manila for more project suggestions. Para makagawa kami more videos for your home problems and I actually want to have some of you guys join me for the next projects! hastag nyo #DivineDIY

Much love,