Using the grid technique to organize flowers in a vase

Ever wondered how people get those “hotel” looking floral arrangements so perfect? Or what to do with the flowers left over from a birthday or special occasion? Here’s a guide for you!

The flower industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that supplies flowers all year round, for birthdays, weddings, and a host of different celebratory occasions. While most people buy flowers as gifts for their loved ones, About Flowers reveals that 27% of consumers are purchasing flowers for themselves to brighten up their homes. Florists make flower arranging look like a piece of cake, but when consumers bring their purchases home (or in most cases, when people receive flowers as gifts), it’s almost disastrous when they try to imitate the placement of each flower when putting each stem into a vase.

Flower arranging doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, there is one technique that everyone can use so that their bouquets look just as amazing as they did at the florist’s.

So now we know the secret! I spent countless hours trying to rearrange flowers and for some reason they won’t “stand” the way I want them to.

Marks and Spencer’s Head of Flower Development Simon Richards suggests homemakers create a sticky tape grid on the vase’s opening as a guide for your flower arrangement, with the general rule of thumb of having spiky flowers on top and the more compact flowers on the lower levels. Casey Coleman Shwartz of Flower Duet also utilizes the grid technique but instead of using spiky flowers, she opts to showcase different compact flowers at different stem lengths, virtually showing her viewers that many kinds of arrangements can be done with the use of tape.

Shwartz, a florist based in Torrance, California, rejects the idea of using sticky tape as it loses its adhesiveness when it comes in contact with water. She says it’s best to use waterproof tape to avoid losing the structure of the arrangement. And don’t limit yourself to just a vase. The grid technique can be used with different types of jars, pots and bowls. Just remember to pour the water in the holder before attaching the grid on top to aid you in making the perfect flower arrangement.


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