Movies to watch! Weekend naman! Avail nyo!

I like watching documentaries. Gusto ko kasi yung parang nagkewkewntuhan ang peg or may magkwekwento sakin. Haha!

So recently I downloaded on my tunes some fashion docus. Some are old, some paulit ulit ko nang pinanood, but more than anything, yung mga kikilabutan ka after watching.

Versailles 73: The American Runway Revolution

The type of movie which gave me chills! Parang inspired ka after. Alam nyo yung mga very legally blonde stories na masbongga yung kalaban but the smaller guys ends up the winner? This is what to expect. Feel good super! And real life so kabowg! I am forcing all my fashion director friends to watch it. haha!

ULTRASUEDE: In Search of Halston

THE DESIGNS! Kahit hindi na kayo makinig. Haha! But I love the designs! Halston is love. And they way people talked about him, he will forever be one of the best American Designers!


Ever wondered how is it to work in a magazine? And heller basta andyan si Lola Anna pushcart mo!


Ayan! WIll make other movies for you to watch. Nasa Itunes na lahat yan!


Much love,