Domicillo Tagaytay

I love quick getaways. Actually, Tagaytay has always been a staple in since bagets ako for quick trips. 
Aminin nyo na, ever since highschool, I would skip class (sorry mom) to go to Tagaytay with friends!
There’s a new relaxing place to hang out in! And it’s a boutique hotel called DOMICILLO!
 photo P1480502_zpsgwelt8ic.jpg


As everyone knows, I am a fan of good sunsets and sunrises. TO ALL THE SUNSET CHASERS THERE… THIS IS OUR SPOT!
Ang bongga ng rooms! May balcony and has unobstructed view of the sunset and sunrise!
 photo P1480503_zps7bvde5ml.jpg

Bongga yung may pa veranda! The night photos don’t do justice though. But i love how calm it is…
 photo P1480504_zps8plls7r7.jpg
 photo P1480506_zpsmza6afmc.jpg

For banyo freaks, this is it! Ang ganda ng banyo!
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 photo P1480508_zpstz7ljmlg.jpg
 photo P1480509_zps3dmwaju2.jpg

My friend, Wyanet, has a motto. Why take a vacay if masmaganda at comfy pa yung room mo sa bahay. So i love how for comfy the rooms are!
 photo P1480510_zps1ya8lfqr.jpg

We had dinner in their Japanese resto!
 photo P1480511_zpsbqlacabh.jpg

Since Bulalo is a must in Tagaytay, they made a new spin on Bulalo! And parang may secret formula coz hindi nagsesebo!
 photo P1480512_zpsnih6qowb.jpg

My forever travel partner, twinning with Jeremy! Sa twins daw may forever!
 photo P1480513_zpsblwd29pz.jpg

Menu is also very affordable!
 photo P1480514_zpstwuazqkv.jpg
 photo P1480517_zpskpvqascy.jpg
 photo P1480518_zpssxk0euro.jpg
 photo P1480519_zpssdetfkbj.jpg

Interior of the resto!
 photo P1480520_zpsq68abauo.jpg
 photo P1480521_zpsz2tplcij.jpg

From there they have a viewdeck! Bongga mag pictorial! LOOK AT THAT! D kami umabot sa sunset but the universe gave us a sunset looking moonlight. Ang lakas ko talaga kay Lord!
 photo P1480527_zpssdkwhqp6.jpg

Lobby area!
 photo P1480532_zpsjrdyadkl.jpg
 photo P1480534_zpsjogliglm.jpg

Each floor has a small reception area!
 photo P1480535_zpsq0owzijz.jpg

May mini garden pa!
 photo P1480537_zpsse34nwod.jpg
 photo P1480539_zpsjvb7drv2.jpg

Free Wine!
 photo P1480540_zpsh1cpizdz.jpg

Just when we thought we can’t beat the moonlight, mornings are much better!
 photo P1480542_zpsothh9uxa.jpg
 photo P1480543_zpsihmrwebf.jpg
 photo P1480544_zpsbeqjrgpj.jpg
Pocket gardens all over!
 photo P1480546_zpsmn3tytor.jpg

Mirror selfies!
 photo P1480547_zpskxdezhrp.jpg
 photo P1480548_zpsoap6cnrk.jpg
 photo P1480549_zpsttbytgmd.jpg

May support role si koya sa selfie namin!
 photo P1480550_zpsstfva2uj.jpg

 photo P1480553_zpskiiuomsn.jpg
 photo P1480554_zpswwouwrrk.jpg

Morning breakfast at the resto is perfect! The view palang ulam na!
 photo P1480555_zpscimqjv5x.jpg
 photo P1480556_zpsmfndqx0r.jpg
 photo P1480557_zpsnzyaebd6.jpg

Staff are also very helpful!
 photo P1480559_zpshk1i6v5t.jpg
Our stay was sweet and short but would surely come back!
 photo P1480561_zpsm2xcgnil.jpg
 photo P1480562_zpsjbzzib5n.jpg

for a quick getaway or even long stays with fantastic views! Consider Domicillo!

Domicillo TAGAYTAY
km 58 General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
(Along the Tagaytay Highway near Petron and besides Joaquins)
Telephone: +63 46 413-3552
Mobile: +63 922 884-1532


PS. I have asecond post on Domicillo, puso mukha ko naman. haha!

Much love,