I’ve been getting a lot of queries about anti aging and all. So here’s a product that we’re testing. I went to their product launch and spoke to the “founder”, quite interesting. But like any product here, i really test before I recommend 🙂

The nice thing about it is that they showed me a demo! They had showed me the effect of the cream to the melanin of the skin. In fair, pumuti nga naman yung “molecules” that they tested on. So now, when I got home to make kwento… na-arbor na ng friend ko! haha! So there, i have an actual tester! haha! She just started so i’ll update you on the results 🙂

The whole process is in 2 steps so very easy. Pump one and pump 2 are combined in one bottle so no problem in bringing kadamihan na cream. All you have to do is apply 1 then apply 2 over. Based on the demo, the 2nd cream activated the first one. So kung baga VOLT IN POWER! 🙂

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Balitaan ko kayo soon 🙂

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