Hi, I know I’m not supposed to ask here ‘coz there is the “ask me anything” button here in your blog still I opted to use the “submit something”…here’s my thing, in a matter of two (2) days, I will be attending a party…due to lack of sleep these past few days (‘coz of reading books and finishing each overnight, I end up sleeping around 2-3am na), stress and all the “hassle-ness” in my life right now, a big red bump appeared on my cheek 🙁 I used to have clear smooth rosy cheeks and skin not prone to pimples but after a two-week stay in Japan, April last yr, pimples started to come out..at first they’re just like babies’ butlig then later on became pimples…now I don’t have flawless skin anymore, my face has pimple marks na and hindi na sya makinis :’( and this really makes me sad big time because I know I can’t have my flawless skin back:’(( I didnt consult a doctor, kasi when I did that once I was just given a mild facial wash and it didn’t really satisfy me…Parang hindi rin nagwash ng face pag gnun…haaayyy

anyway, going back…I just wanna ask if you know any magic..haha like a cream or something which I can buy over-the-counter that’ll flatten the bump on my cheek and lessen the redness of this sh*t, ayyyyy zit pla:))

Again, I apologize for not sending this question using the “ask me anything”…I just really feel super duper duper bad when it’s about my “thingy” on skin :’(

Thank you in advance!:*

D: ICE! Then Mario Badescu drying lotion. Pero wala talagang magic. What i do is i get my pimple injected if super special event. That will flatten it quickly but depends also on your healing how quick.

Inuna na kita, mukhang STRESS drillon ka na sobra 🙂

Much love,