Ayan, nagtext na naman si Nyko. Baklaan na naman daw, so game on!

Nyko wanted me to go make the opening toast for BECKY FEVER NIGHTS on thursdays! So game!

So ayan, 9pm… chinarot na naman nila ako… hahaha! Maaga ako.

Fever Model Experience is every Thursday SOFITEL! GOOOWWW!

So eto na, I did the opening toast 🙂 My meesgae was partly from Tim and from my becky experiences. We all deserve a legitimate dance floor. And beckies! This is it! Thank you to Fever for giving us an official dance floor every Thursday! Wala nang walk out at pangkukutcha! Pwede kayo magpatugtug ng tinikling…in short…. BASTA IKASASAYA NYO AT WALA TAYONG SINASAKTAN. GOW!

Becky nights!

Dale, Matt and Jake!

Thanks to V, sinasamahan nya ako sa laha ng kalokohan ko 🙂 Luv you!

In fair ha, hindi sparkling wine ang pang toast. Shala! haha!

Sam YG was present at the event! YEAAHHH MAN! APIR!

JM is a partner of Fever. Thank you JM for giving the becklings a dance floor.

So again, thank you so much! Another point for equality 🙂

So, ayan NYKO! You still owe me that visit to ATENEO DOLLHOUSE. I want to pay my respect to the new QUEEN MOTHER 🙂

Much love,