Fever lounge! Congratulations to Stephen Ku, GP Reyes, Jm Rodriguez and Tim Yap! Guys, bongga ng bagong club lounge in Sofitel! After clubbing you can actually watch the stars while nagpipicnic sa grass or watch sundown before dancing! Kung san kayo Masaya… gow!

In my Nixon Marquez dress

Labanan ng red! May blocking! bonngga!

Nice to chat with friends! We were a little late because we had dinner at a friend’s house. DONG! You’re too fierce! haha!

Nixy and George

With Mond and Georgina. So sorry we didn’t get to go to HK with you guys 🙁


Umm.. kumukuha ka ba ng fecture or nagpopost.. chinacharot mo ako STACY! haha!

Mond with the denim on denim boys! haha!

MOND!! 🙂

Someone was really excited to see Pepe Smith….

Fever was so fun! But we didn’t stop there….

Nyko, Mond, Saab, D, V, Milly

Syempre the 1,2,3 TULAK! gang went to NORTH PARK! In-avail ko talaga ang Lechon Macau!

Try to visit the fever lounge!

Much love,