Yesterday, lagae ako sa schedule. From an early shoot, meetings and all but I was so happy to know na 12 midnight ang closing ng MICHAEL ANTONIO store in Resort’s world! yey!

I git 2 pairs of boots which is perfect for Extreme Makeover. I will lookbook it when it starts airing! So excited to show you guys!

So ok, before i blab on and on… I really love MICHAEL ANTONIO shoes. They have kasi mega heels as in height is might levels to comfy flats. So I am more than happy to announce that they are our fierce followers prize for this month!

Here’s their store in Resort’s world na bongga ang closing time!

daming heel height variations!

This is my next target! cute!

They have shorter heels na fierce ang designs!

Sa dami ng boots, I had a hard time choosing!

My first choice….

Here I am, trying on boots! Ang cute ng BLUE!

Choosing between the pumps or boots…

Panalo si BOOTS!

Here are the super cute and attentive staff taking photos of my choice!

Ang dami pang boots na iba!

I also liked this design. Ang taas! AHLOVET!



And more shoes!

Another prospect… hahaha! I love shiny things!

Bongga din tong may mga cut outs!

I like how the prices are so reasonable. Meron silang from 1t plus to 5t. So very bongga, pasok sa iba ibang budget!

PLus they are on sale pa now! Bongga!



So here’s my second choice! LANDSLIDE WIN TOH!

Studs and boots! WIN NA WIN!

So guys! alam nyo na! For AUGUST! We have MICHEAL ANTONIO for fierce followers prize!

Ang rules ngayon are…

Aside from submitting a photo. You have to like their facebook and follow them on twitter!


Winner will get a free pair of Michael Antonio Shoes! And I might even be with you guys if keri ng sked!

Like them on facebook:

Follow on twitter: @mantoniophil

Also guys!

Don’t forget our other promo now!

You can win a complete line of Majolica Majorca makeup, Charriol, PHOTOSHOOT with ME and beckynights and 5t LUCA gc! GOW!

Much love,