fierce follower submission

Hi Ms. Divine! Grabe like OH MY GOSH! your blog is so Kabog! However, I have to apologize for judging you before, I thought kasi you’re just another rich socialite na fuma-fasfion and then i’ve come across your blog and now you’re one of my inspirations! (ka-level mo si Tyra teh!)

anyhow, i just started reading your blog last tuesday! (wapak!) lol and, i know you get this a lot, you’re really genuinely THE BEST! and I find it amusing how you want to reach out to your beloved readers it only shows, you care and you’re compassionate. and thanks for that! I hope you know how much you inspire people to be KABOG din no matter what!

That said, i’m submitting my take on the “Fierce Followers contest”………. after looking through the submissions, GRABE Kabog din, so i said to myself, ano pa i-fi-fierce ko, then I had this great idea——— ms. divine, reading thru your blog helped me realized how to be more comfortable with what i have so the top left photo is a RAW, REAL and FRESH photo of my face with all those PIMPLE MARKS———- it is my way of saying thank you for helping me cope up with my insecurities- bottomline, i’m one of the many people who suffers from ACNE, it is a big battle for all of us but when I read your blog and found your “pa-contest”, I found a new sense of confidence kasi I think, aside from thanking your readers, the main reason of your “pa-contest” is to make a stand out there- na LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT AND STAY FIERCE! so ayun- GRABE ANG HABA NA- well ONE TIME BIG TIME to friend kasi DIVINE LEE ka so TODO KO NA TALAGA- todo sa text at todo sa pictures! ahhahahahahah the rest of the collage are just some of the fiercest shots I got!

I hope I somehow made your heart smile coz you certainly made mine!


angel salanga 😉

D: Angel, Bongga mo girl. Nagduda ka pa ba sa fierceness mo? 🙂 Fierceness is not just through your poses and’s from within. Parang She-ra yan, “For the honor of Grayskull! I am.. SHE RA!”. D ba, galing sa loob ang fierceness! Attitude at magmaganda ka because God makes no mistakes. 🙂

Much love,