Sunday with Kiel and Milan. V was out taping so we I had to entertain the little boy extra. Kasi naman, bakit ba paglumalaki na sila, hindi na cool ang girls. He kept on looking for V. So ayan, best in participation ako and decided to take him out.

We went to FIRST DIBS event. Cute because feel na feel ni bagets ang pagka-cool nya.

They were playing music and the event was whole day. I find sunday events cute. Lalo na yung mga picnic, barbeque levels. It’s nice to hang out.

They had booths. Actually excited si Kiel because he was looking for shoes. Too bad walang kiddie size.

Saw a lot of twiiter, tumblr fierce friends. Isa pa tong si ANNA CANLAS of preview who had a booth.

They had nice stuff and cute ng ambiance. Very sunday afternoon. Buti hindi umulan.

Si bagets, nakakita nitich… SYA NA!

He refused to take it off! So cute!

They took his photo for a blog!

When he got home, he asked his mom….

Kiel: Mom, is it ok for strangers to take your photo?

Florence: Why? What do you mean?

So chinika nya ang ganap then Mudak answered na ok lang. But to be careful with strangers. Ang cute nya ha, bibo at matalino.

BARBEQUE! Too bad d kami naka-lafez!

Cute accessories!

Incase feel nyo yung accessories, ayan.

I like the venue and overall it was so relaxing. They should have more sunday events. 🙂

Sorry, maigsi ang kwentuhan tonight. Medyo low-batt na akitch sa energy. Bawi ako tomorrow!

Much love,