Sneakers, Flats and All Things Comfy

BUTI TALAGA NA NAUUSO ANG SNEAKERS! Although, it was never really out of fashion, mastodo lang ang flats sa mga ganap ngayon. Nakapahinga na yung mga kalyo ko sa heels! Here are some classics worth checking out!
Bet ko talaga yung skater shoes, mga slip ons ganyan! And of course we know that Vans yung sikat dyan. They have the cutest collabs!
Vans Star Wars Slip On-Storm Trooper
 photo Vans1_zps90d471ba.jpg
Vans Star Wars Slip On-Darth Vader
 photo Vans8_zpsec1fe021.jpg
Aliw tong slogan!
 photo Vans11_zpsda8b6da3.jpg
Vans Star Wars Slip On-A new hope
 photo Vans15_zps763d7f3c.jpg
I’m a StarWars faney kaya bet ko toh!
 photo Vans20_zps02c7b7b1.jpg
Saucony is big in Korea! Actually even in Europe, yung mga fave stores ko like Colette in Paris carries this brand. Yung Original line are the best!
Saucony Jazz Low Pro: I like this model, lakas makasexy ng paa!
 photo SauconyJazzLowPro1_zps371328bd.jpg
 photo SauconyJazzLowPro2_zps51bf0965.jpg
Saucony Shadow: If you want a bit more height and chunk, this is it!
 photo SauconyShadow1_zpscba52993.jpg
 photo SauconyShadow2_zpsfbc9bad8.jpg
Of course, classic toh! I think everyone needs their clasic white Tretorn shoes! Goes with everything!
 photo Tretorn1_zps358846a1.jpg
 photo Tretorn3_zps5d022c93.jpg
 photo Tretorn4_zps8b67b82c.jpg
Eto din maraming collabs, but just the original is even good enough! Love their Comme X Converse line!
Converse-Comme des Garcons Canvas Lace-Up Sneakers
 photo CommedesGarconsCanvasLace-UpSneakers1_zpscf25f8fb.jpg
Converse-Comme des Garcons High-Top Canvas Sneakers: Fave ko sa shorts yung high top!
 photo CommedesGarconsHigh-TopCanvasSneakers1_zps9594be54.jpg
 photo CommedesGarconsHigh-TopCanvasSneakers2_zps957ec7b6.jpg
Converse-Maison Martin Margiela All Star Chuck- I’ve been looking for this! Saan meron?
 photo ConverseMaisonMartinMargielaAllStarChuck701_zps19677ecd.jpg
 photo ConverseMaisonMartinMargielaAllStarChuck702_zps2cc01aee.jpg
 photo ConverseMaisonMartinMargielaAllStarChuck704_zpsfc91ec74.jpg
 photo ConverseMaisonMartinMargielaAllStarChuck705_zpsa67c46f2.jpg
Para sa mga nakapagipon! hindi lang heels ang designer ngayon! 
Dolce & Gabbana Nigeria metallic and patent-leather sneakers: Kung mahilig ka sa shiny!
 photo DolceampGabbanaNigeriametallicandpatent-leathersneakers2_zps4f857730.jpg
Marc by Marc Jacobs Leopard-print snake-effect leather sneakers: paanimal print naman!
 photo MarcbyMarcJacobsLeopard-printsnake-effectleathersneakers2_zpse9f855df.jpg
Givenchy Tyson high-top sneakers in confetti-print leather: Very nips candy! But I like high tops! lakas maka cool! bwahahaha!
 photo GivenchyTysonhigh-topsneakersinconfetti-printleather1_zps57ab99c5.jpg
Karl Lagerfeld Leather and suede sneakers
 photo KarlLagerfeldLeatherandsuedesneakers2_zpsd004c086.jpg
 photo KarlLagerfeldLeatherandsuedesneakers3_zps73689b99.jpg
Saint Laurent Court Classic leather sneakers: Masbet ko yung classic looks!
 photo SaintLaurentCourtClassicleathersneakers2_zps1b0cf1af.jpg
 photo SaintLaurentCourtClassicleathersneakers3_zpsa5ff3645.jpg
Chanel F/W 2014: EH YUNG AGAW PANSIN? Touch the color! haha!
 photo Channel1_zps2013429d.jpg
 photo Channel2_zpse4207cc1.jpg
 photo Channel3_zps04892413.jpg
 photo Channel4_zpsd7f5cc0f.jpg
 photo Channel5_zps2b7ad2a1.jpg
 photo Channel6_zpse99c862b.jpg
 photo Channel7_zpsc2146163.jpg
 photo Channel8_zpsa3abbf50.jpg
 photo Channel9_zps0920477e.jpg
 photo Channel10_zpsf644402f.jpg
 photo Channel11_zps09b27572.jpg
New Balance
Fave ng lahat! The classic new balance!
 photo NewBalance1_zps64a08f12.jpg
 photo NewBalance2_zps4aac8948.jpg
 photo NewBalance3_zps9dc45460.jpg

Eto yung mga easy go to ko, bagay kahit sa dress or slacks!
Jimmy Choo Demi flocked velvet slip-on sneakers: lakas maka madam nung velvet!
 photo JimmyChooDemiflockedvelvetslip-onsneakers1_zps63f73ced.jpg
 photo JimmyChooDemiflockedvelvetslip-onsneakers2_zpse0cecd6a.jpg
Givenchy Skate shoes in Bambi-print leather: THIS IS LOVEEE! Plus bambi pa! How cute!
 photo GivenchySkateshoesinBambi-printleather1_zpsac0f212c.jpg
 photo GivenchySkateshoesinBambi-printleather3_zps63837b63.jpg
 photo GivenchySkateshoesinBambi-printleather4_zps1fda6d05.jpg
Lanvin Metallic textured-leather sneakers: Balik metal ulit!
 photo LanvinMetallictextured-leathersneakers2_zps0cfec60e.jpg
 photo LanvinMetallictextured-leathersneakers3_zps12088ba7.jpg
Stella Mccartney Glossed snake-effect faux leather sneakers: May ganito na sakto sa Zara! ahhaha!
 photo StellaMccartneyGlossedsnake-effectfauxleathersneakers2_zpseb93494f.jpg
 photo StellaMccartneyGlossedsnake-effectfauxleathersneakers3_zps1d8742a8.jpg
Saint Laurent Leopard-print glossed-leather slip-on sneakers: More animal ganap!
 photo SaintLaurentLeopard-printglossed-leatherslip-onsneakers2_zps4359f551.jpg
 photo SaintLaurentLeopard-printglossed-leatherslip-onsneakers3_zps4714b31f.jpg
Chanel Espadrilles
 photo ChanelEspadrilles_zps62d5b883.jpg
Kurt Geiger Espadrilles: Bongga din yung mga espadrilles na flats. Ang comfy super!
 photo Kurt-Geiger-Espadrilles_zps8a1bc31b.jpg
Manebi Espadrilles
 photo Manebi-Espadrilles_zps09f38d0d.jpg
Marc Jacobs Striped Espadrilles: eto paandar na stripes!
 photo Marc-Jacobs-Striped-Espadrilles_zps55b40b6d.jpg
Penelope Chilvers Stamped Flat Espadrille Electric Blue
 photo Penelope-Chilvers-Stamped-Flat-Espadrille-Electric-Blue_zpsbfe0c60b.jpg
Penelope Chilvers Stamped Flat Espadrille Hot Pink
 photo Penelope-Chilvers-Stamped-Flat-Espadrille-HotPink_zpsc51d8e4c.jpg
Prism Pony Skin: Kung bet nyo talagang panindigan yung animal skin!
 photo Prism-Pony-Skin_zps6633fb30.jpg
River Island Stripe Espadrilles: This is a cute and affordable option!
 photo River-Island-StripeEspadrilles_zps12de95c2.jpg
Soludos Espadrilles
 photo Soludos-Espadrilles_zps8ef83f40.jpg
Tory Burch Yellow Espadrilles: Eto para sa mga girl na girl!
 photo Tory-Burch-YellowEspadrilles_zpsa57d7576.jpg
Pero I think ang talagang nagbalik ng espadrilles is CHANEL!
Alexander McQueen Suede Sequin-Coated Skull Smoking Slippers: LOVE BEDROOM SLIPS!
 photo AlexanderMcQueenSuedeSequin-CoatedSkullSmokingSlippers1_zps64669fa2.jpg
 photo AlexanderMcQueenSuedeSequin-CoatedSkullSmokingSlippers2_zps747e8791.jpg
 photo AlexanderMcQueenSuedeSequin-CoatedSkullSmokingSlippers3_zps11c03bdb.jpg
Valentino Camouflage Print Leather Canvass Flats: Kung hindi nyo talaga kayang bumukod sa ballet flats!
 photo ValentinoCamouflagePrintLeatherCanvassFlats1_zpsed030f36.jpg
 photo ValentinoCamouflagePrintLeatherCanvassFlats2_zps7811c332.jpg
Nicholas Kirkwood Face Embroidery Velvet Slip-ons
 photo NicholasKirkwoodFaceEmbroideryVelvetSlip-ons1_zpsa39bf43d.jpg
 photo NicholasKirkwoodFaceEmbroideryVelvetSlip-ons2_zps5b841228.jpg
 photo NicholasKirkwoodFaceEmbroideryVelvetSlip-ons3_zps645325ce.jpg
Stubbs & Wootton Jefferson Velvet Slip-ons: My fave brand ng slip-ons! This is the comfiesttttt ever!
 photo StubbsampWoottonJeffersonVelvetSlip-ons1_zps74c14a85.jpg
 photo StubbsampWoottonJeffersonVelvetSlip-ons2_zps66f95f49.jpg
Ayan! Balik flats na tyo!

Much love,