A few weeks ago, we threw a surprise birthday for Ginggay. Must be one of the hardest surprise party.. EVER!

1. Napaka-nosy nyan. haha! Kahit hindi nya namamalayan, nanghuhuli na sya. So the whole time I was avoiding her calls, bbms, text. Eh ako pa naman mabilis madulas.

2. She hates surprise parties. Well, more like anything na party for her d nya feel.

3. Last, i really don’t know how to make this post because minsan bawal sabihin and minsan pwede. Haha! So anyways, check out our photos!

We chose CERVESERIA because of good food and super cute location. May feel sya na nasa HOGWARTS ka. Haha!

Oh d ba? Very Hogwarts!

Waiting for the birthday girl. Huling super text si Robby Carmona.. baka sya ang spy! haha!

Her surprise entrance! Parang feeling ko knows na nya! haha!

We invited 50 of her closest friends from school, work at iba pa.

I’m here with Florence! 🙂

Fierce Dong na ang kinis with V!

D + D

Our original mother, INO SOTTO. Ino was heading fashion watch when I was still starting.

Birthday girl with Pauline and Dong.

Anna Canlas of Preview and Milan

G’s daughter. SUPER CUTE! Chinikika nya ako about Justin Bieber. Haha! In fair, maraming info si bagets!

G + N

Noey is G’s best boy and eldest. Charming little boy. Best in PR!

Tats, Tessa, G and GR.

Surprise birthdays are always hard to mount. But more than that, mas makakanerbios yung maJULIE YAP DAZA ang mga plano nyo. But I think what’s always nicer to see that people are willing to take the time off to do something for someone special. To make their birthday more special.

G is a very good friend. And i wanted nothing more than the best for her on her birthday. I hope you enjoyed our surprise for you! We love you!

(Halata bang hirap na hirap ako sa post na toh? Ok, background muna. Hindi ko kasi magawan ng post tong taong toh like Florence, Wyanet, Tim etc. She has privacy issues pareho ni facebook. hahaha! But nonetheless, hindi maskonti ang love ko sa kanya. Some people are just more private and syempre kailangan ko din take into consideration yun for this blog kasi andami natin dito. :))

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Much love,