haha! Yes, voting na naman! so i would be needing you mega help!

So this time, naisip namin ng becky nights pangphophotoshoot natin if manalo tayo! Bongga d ba? So help us win!

You can also win the FOLLOWING BONGGEL PRIZES!

MAJOLICA MAJORCA MAKEUP! Yes, all the items I featured here plus more! OO, from 3 videos!

and more! check the videos!


Plus will also give you…

And last but not the least…

Php 5,000.00 shopping credit in http://www.shopluca.com !

So eto na! Anything for beckies and childhaus nga naman! 🙂

How to join!

1. go to this link http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/tattawards/vote

2. Find Styllissimo

3. Vote for me!

4.Go to http://www.facebook.com/divinemleepage

5. Look for the status GLOBE TATTOO. I want the shoot and giveaways!

6. Post your name there and say ” I voted in styllisimo”! Tell your friends! most likes sa comment helps in winning!

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Salamat guys! Lezdothiz para makashoot tayo! hahaha! Ang cheap namin noh? hahaha! We really want to do the Charity open shoot and this is the easiest way! but we need you help!

Much love,