Goody #COMEPLAY event!

This is my 2nd or 3rd year for Goody! I think I get along with Goody girls! Haha!
 photo P1390035_zps0c070d7f.jpg
This was exactly right before the BENCH NAKED truth show! So sakto kasi right beside each other since MOA itey!
 photo P1390036_zpsc3449e2a.jpg
As you can see, hyper talaga ako mag host! Actually I love impromptu hostings. We were supposed to just chika chika with the girls, last minute changes led to this! Better if you ask me !
 photo P1390037_zps34667ab0.jpg
 photo P1390038_zpse89538ab.jpg
Kelly and I decided to talk about blogging, specifically sya sa beauty and I did fashion.
 photo P1390040_zpsba6428e9.jpg
We talked about how we started… pinanganak kami ng nanay namin. Choz!
 photo P1390044_zpsf1bbe5f3.jpg
Siga ko dito oh! ahaha!
 photo P1390050_zps75ff3ba7.jpg
 photo P1390051_zps843ef4c1.jpg
We decided to go down the stage and mingle. Mas masaya kasi when you are closer to the guests!
 photo P1390064_zps50d4ea13.jpg
We had some volunteers and best in chika kami about everyday fashion and beauty!
 photo P1390069_zps2e603646.jpg
Ang arte ko naman dito! hahaha!
 photo P1390090_zpsfdbcd1a7.jpg

To everyone who came, Thank you! Hope you enjoyed!
Next year ulit! Thank you Goody! Parati na akong suki! hahaha! Check out their newest products by following their social media accounts @goodyph!

Much love,