After the whole frenzy with H&M’s x LANVIN collection, H&M is doing something about their scrap!

H&M got in a little trouble last year when some of their unsold items were seen cut up and damaged for disposal. New York Post wrote “Gloves with the fingers cut off,” Ms. Magnus said, reciting the inventory of ruined items. “Warm socks. Cute patent leather Mary Jane school shoes, maybe for fourth graders, with the instep cut up with a scissor. Men’s jackets, slashed across the body and the arms. The puffy fiber fill was coming out in big white cotton balls.” The jackets were tagged $59, $79 and $129.

So for the H&M x LANVIN collection they decided to make a new line for the leftovers! They are calling this the “WASTE COLLECTION.”

See some of the items in the collection below.