Here comes the sun!

Napakanta ba kayo? I don’t know why the word sun gives me “butterflies and giddy feelings”. I guess my best childhood and even siguro adult memories are outdoor and under the sun.

Check out this series of videos and tell me how you feel.



Actually, artsy pala ako. choz! It’s not the normal videos that I post na sasakit yung tyanella nyo kakatawa. But i think it’s worth a look. Bet ko yung medyo palaisipan and the light feeling you get after. I like watching videos like these minsan (baka nahawaan na ako ni V sa pagka-INDI) because it’s like a reset video. When we don’t need so much words but the visuals touch emotions. Bongga ng idea ng campaign.

But what the video really tells us is that we need a sense of security in the case that we “fall”. And i guess, at any age it’s a must to really think about our future. Sa araw araw tayong nagtratrabaho, it’s nice to have that assurance that things will be ok in the future and the sun will continue to shine. Hindi na uso ang bahala na gang!

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Much love,