HK Disneyland part 3!

 I like traveling! Since I already featured the “touristy” things you can do in Disneyland. I decided that my last post should be about other things you can do in Disneyland! Can we saw the road less taken? naks! pakak!

I love photos… hahah! Isn’t it obvious? haha! But it’s really fun to dress up. And see how your style evolves per trip and thru the years. So take some outfit shots! Honestly, it can be a bit embarrassing sometimes when people are looking at you. But enjoy it! Different scenery for different outfits pakak!

With so much shops inside the park… it’s a shopper’s dream! Buy trinklets to be displayed in your house. I always make sure to grab something small that I display in the house. I got a small keychain wherein i took out the chain and displayed in the house! It preserves the memory of the trip also because everytime you see it, it will remind you of the time and fun you had!jess photo I31B7749_zps9b27c46c.jpgMake sure to stay til night. The magic of Disneyland changes at night. It looks like another world!Jess photo I31B7954_zps45709907.jpg

Take videos! Not just photos!jess photo I31B7955_zpseacf2549.jpg

Take photos of installations and displays! Disney has a lot of cute ones!jess photo I31B7981_zps39df9958.jpg

jess photo I31B7984_zpsc0119ef5.jpg

Check out different stores!jess photo I31B7994_zpse2c2f7c1.jpg

This is V’s fave shop! Even if you forget your cam, you can head here!jess photo I31B7999_zps742cfa07.jpg

With social networks and all, share your experience with friends!
jess photo I31B8036_zps1737d914.jpg

Watch the fireworks! A must see!jess photo I31B8044_zps874cb902.jpg

Stay near the sleeping Beauty castle so you can hear the sounds with the music!jess photo I31B8046_zps37b84df4.jpg

jess photo I31B8048_zpsc9f8037a.jpg

jess photo I31B8053_zpse8bf4f93.jpg

jess photo I31B8056_zps999dd4a6.jpg

Back in the hotel, explore your surroundings!jess photo I31B8064_zps9da1d572.jpg

I wanted to swim but got back so late from the park! Plan you sked properly so you can check out hotel amenities!

Kid at heart! Games always make me happy!jess photo I31B8068_zpsb183c340.jpg

jess photo I31B8074_zps51f567a0.jpg

Candy treats!jess photo I31B8079_zps8e49bd37.jpg

Try out new cuisines!jess photo I31B8080_zps22fcbcde.jpg

And new snacks! WHo knows you might discover something you like!jess photo I31B8082_zps14e3da3f.jpg

jess photo I31B8097_zps7ae1dfd1.jpg

They have installations around hotel grounds!

jess photo I31B8105_zps79c70378.jpg

jess photo I31B8107_zps25713b66.jpg

jess photo I31B8110_zps9a1628f8.jpg

Take photos!

jess photo I31B8112_zpsd8758ac5.jpg

jess photo I31B8116_zps23c70683.jpg

jess photo I31B8120_zps1b382f6d.jpg

Check out Hollywood hotels HOLLYWOOD SIGN!

jess photo I31B8125_zps237b0d05.jpg

jess photo I31B8130_zps144405ec.jpg

jess photo I31B8134_zps0b04e835.jpg

Enjoy! I had some ice cream while walking around! YUM! jess photo I31B8137_zpsce15c160.jpg

jess photo I31B8140_zps290ad72b.jpg

The pool! What’s great about this pool is that sometimes Disney characters can swim with you! jess photo I31B8144_zps5435e5df.jpg

jess photo I31B8145_zpscaf2c6c9.jpg

Night shots rock!jess photo I31B8147_zpsff6659c8.jpg

Buy your friends and family momentos!

jess photo IMG_0956_zps924e1e31.jpg

jess photo IMG_0958_zps8f0b14f8.jpg

They have a lot fo different restos from the park to the 2 hotels. Try out everything!jess photo IMG_0961_zps6b34aea7.jpg

Crystal Lotus a Chinese Resto in Disney Hoteljess photo IMG_0962_zpsdcd9e857.jpg

jess photo IMG_0966_zps0a4acbf0.jpg

 photo IMG_0963_zps643b81ea.jpg
 photo IMG_0964_zpsff4dd348.jpg
 photo IMG_0965_zps9cbddde5.jpg

Feel free to ask your concierge or front desk of different amenities you can try out! jess photo L1020110_zps04a98de2.jpg

Take people shots! This kid is so cute!jess photo L1020156_zps93d4348f.jpg

jess photo L1020159_zps0588ebce.jpg

I played a game with V, who can take the most photos of different characters. It’s so fun to compare photos after!jess photo L1020160_zpsaf561c4c.jpg

jess photo L1020194_zps5d959919.jpg

A maxim’s resto inside the park! jess photo L1020409_zps6ffd4742.jpg

jess photo L1020417_zps63015b34.jpg

Here are some of the dishes that they serve


 photo PlazaInn1_zpsa1a134c9.jpg

(photo from:

 photo PlazaInn2_zps7a4b6c74.jpg


(photo from:

 photo PlazaInn3_zpsf4f0cb46.jpg

Last but not the least, enjoy your in-room facilities!Jess photo L1020436_zps63b1e150.jpg

jess photo L1020437_zps019827be.jpg

jess photo L1020438_zpsb811bec0.jpg

jess photo L1020439_zpscdd53828.jpg

I love their attention to details!jess photo L1020440_zpse63828e1.jpg


You will also enjoy dining in their other restaurants such as:

Corner Cafe

This restaurant is located at the Main Street.

(photo from:

 photo CornerCafe1_zpsd25a7296.jpgThe food choices that they offer are mostly western cuisine.

(photo from:

 photo CornerCafe2_zpsd7760010.jpg

(photo from:

 photo CornerCafe3_zps0be7de65.jpg


(photo from:

 photo CornerCafe4_zps3d6cb58a.jpg

Enchanted Garden

This Victorian inspired restaurant is inside the Disneyland Hotel and early reservation is required because it is usually fully booked.

(photo from:

 photo EnchantedGarden1_zpsa6d60453.jpg

(photo from:
 photo EnchantedGarden2_zpsd398d416.jpg

(photo from:
 photo EnchantedGarden3_zps8ddbebc3.jpg


Mickey Pancakes and Mickey Waffles!

(photo from:

 photo EnchantedGarden4_zps26b8211d.jpg


Walt’s Cafe

This 1950’s themed restaurant is also located at the Disneyland Hotel.

(photo from:

 photo WaltsCafe1_zpsbb375e55.jpg

(photo from:
 photo WaltsCafe2_zps126ff881.jpg


Mickey Fruits! =)

(photo from:

 photo WaltsCafe3_zps8dbc5533.jpg

(photo from:
 photo WaltsCafe4_zps4ba5144b.jpg
I suggest that you visit Hong Kong Disneyland soon ’cause they have a lot to offer this year!


Much Love,