I lived in HK before when I was still actively modeling. So everytime I go to HK, para na syang second home. I love eating sa kalye and mga carinderia levels. I look forward to my 4x a day na roast duck meal from my favorite carinderia.

Last month, I had to bring Kermit and Mark to the China expo and the cheapest ticket we got was going through HK. Keri na! Train ride was just about an hour and a half lang naman to Guangzhou eh.

So ok, since you’ve been asking about more travel posts, here’s one!

Meet Teng, yes! The person behind http://shophk.tumblr.com as Jenni Epperson would describe, sya ang secret weapon namin! Haha! She lives in HK (sister of my bestfriend Florence) and started her business dahil lang sa mga taong makulet like me and Jenni na pabili ng pabili. Next thing you know, buyer na sya ng karamihan! And bet nya talaga kasing nagiikot sa mall so perfect!

TIP: see the left baggage area? Yes, we use that if late ang flight nyo and marami kayong luggage. You can check it in here muna para makaikot sa mall. This is in IFC (where there’s a direct train to the airport). Convenient d ba?

Flo and I. excuse the lion king hair. Wala pa akong tulog nyan. haha! Pinusod ko ng narealize ko HELLO SIMBA ang ganap!

Shoes on display! I was so excited to tour Kermit! Ang daming inspirations!

Zanoti heelless version

I missed Halloween sa Manila. For ilang years na straight, i have been spending it with Tim Yap. So medyo nakakamiss. But ok lang, nakita ko naman si Michael Jackson. hahaha!

MTR of Hong Kong. I never learned how to ride the bus when I was living in HK, the subway was my lifesaver! So ayun, memorized ko lahat ng stops dyan!

Mac exhibit in the mall. At si Florence nagpamakeup talaga! haha!

Check out THE PATIO in harbor city! Great view!

Ganyan ka elusive si Kermit. Pa reflection, reflection lang! haha! This is the dior shop. Bawal magphotos but makulit ako because i really liked the interiors so I took a photo. Pang inspiration ko sa dream house ko 🙂

Our celebratory lunch with Kermit! This is in one of my fave restos HUTONG! It’s in one pecking road (38th floor ata), bongga talaga sya! Try at night because the best ang view! Make sure to be there before 8 so you can catch the light show from the top view! bongga!

Ngarag day toh, so headband lang ang peg!

After a day of sourcing and checking materials. Time for another fave resto ZUMA! Bet ko din dito puro kababayan ang nagtratrabaho! 🙂 This one is in Landmark hotel. Super good Japanese food! And bongga ng uni sashimi nila!

I love my bestie Florence. Her family is from HK and China so she really helped us with sourcing.

The best way to get from HK side to Kowloon side. Flo and I are showing Kermit and Mark .. Hong Kong, the local way!

Mark and Kermit!

Florence, D + V

GUANZHOU NA! This is the trade fair, honestly wala akong masyadong ohotos because best in kapaguran na talaga. But in this trade fair, you can find EVERYTHING! haha! Imagine nyo, parang kasing laki ata ng MOA, trade venue lang. You need an electric car to go from place to place!

Everything was so organized but nakakapagod talaga… what you are seeing now is just a super small section. Imagine nyo kailangan namin ikotin lahat yung fabrics! GOOD LUCK to us!

We found a lot of good suppliers for fabric! Kermit was so excited! Ayan, marami nang pasabog kayong hahantayin!

After Florence left, she hired an interpreter for us. The interpreter helped us with all our orders. Mahirap kasi sa Guanzhou, hindi sila nageenglish karamihan. So an interpreter will make everything faster and easier. Sila narin ang tatawad for you.

Yes, ganyan talaga ang bag dapat! Mga libre sa trade fair. Hindi uubra yung mga bags na bongga dito. You need something na pwede mong lagyan ng samples and all!

Ker and Vic

Ang taga buhat namin! haha! Kargador lang ang peg!

Mark and Ker!

May maleta talaga, para sa samples! haha! The guy on the far right is our interpreter Jericho. Student sya sa international school so best in English sya 🙂 He really enjoyed because, napractice daw namin yung skills nya sa english and pambabarat! haha!

Taxi ride to the market!

I enjoy sourcing for materials and i really enjoy seeing how designers create art pieces. Actually nakakagulat when you see how the would mix fabrics, materials and all to dress. I’m really so excited with Kermit’s new pasabogs!

Watch out guys! New shoes, accessories and clothes coming up http://www.kermittesoro.com

Much love,