Hong Kong Disneyland!

Commercial break from our coachella trip!


I think it’s fair to say that all little girls and beckies wanted to be a princess at one point. For me, hanggang ngayon I still want to be a Princess. Haha! If you ask V about my biggest palusot when i’m asking him to pass the remote or turn on the aircon… kahit masmalapit ako… It would have to be “Because I’m a Princess” (Gayahin nyo narin if bet nyo!)


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This will be a 3 part travel blog on Hong Kong and Disneyland! The one part would be how to get to HK and where to stay, another part would be about Disney and it’s new rides and area, last part would be about what to do, food to eat, things to buy! Oh d ba? Complete package!

So first of all, tayong mga noypi, Hk is the favorite travel spot. Because it takes about 1.5-2 hours trip lang and we have a lot of budget airfare na ganap! I remember going to HK a lot when I was younger because my mom had a stall in greenhills! haha! So tag along ang drama ko when she buys supplies. But even though we would go to HK often, the top on my list would still be Disneyland. My family had to go to Japan, para lang maavail ko ang Disney… ang problem, lamigin at tamad akong bata so hindi ko din naexplore because we went it was pretty cold and wit ko bet maglakad!


So when finally Disneyland opened in HK! I was so happy and lucky na yung modelling agency ko in HK booked me for a job for the launch! After that I think I was able to visit 2 more times.. One with Tim Yap and V, and another for my inaanak’s bday special!


It’s been a good 3 years or more since I last visited the park so ang bongga nung nasight ko may bagong ganap! But bago dyan, turuan ko muna kayo ng best way to get to HK and Disney!

From Manila, ang dali gumetlak ng flights to HK. Una, you don’t need a visa. Passport lang keri na! And ang daming budget flights! Pwede nyo sya i search ditich!


I like using Skyscanner.net to search for flights. But do try the airlines own sites too, kasi andun ang promos!


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Maraming airlines flies to HK. Wag nyo na kunin yung may stop over ha! haha! Pinahaba nyo lang ang ganap nyo. (Ps. don’t mind the prices beside, iba yung napindot ko..haha!)


Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 12.55.03 PM

Upon arrival, you can go use the airport express to TSING YI STOP. Mga HK 60.00 per person yun and you’ll be there in about 20 minutes! From airport, you can see 1st stop kayo!


Then from there you can take the MTR to sunny bay and DISNEY RESORT! The train of Disney is super cute too!


Details from TRAVEL Hong Kong site.

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But is family size at go large ang barkada nyo, it might be cheaper to take a taxi which will cost about HK110.00 for a group of 3 but may bayad extra ang luggage ha at HK5.00 to HK10.00 each. We took a cab!

 photo L1020075_zps129b2582.jpg

Or you can also take the bus, pwedeng pwede din yun! HK55.00 naman per person yun. Pero may change na magaganap pa.


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Upon arrival in DISNEYLAND! You will have options to go straight to the park. Or to go to your hotel. Disneyland has 2 hotels in their Resort. Free shuttles yan! Just look for the sign… (sabay kanta I SAW THE SIGN…choz!)


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We’ll go to the park in the second post. The first post is about the hotel! We stayed in DISNEY’S HOLLYWOOD HOTEL!

 photo L1020124_zps88f88b76.jpg

Find the hidden MIckey… este duck (clue.. katabi ko.. haha!)

 photo L1020123_zps39a96909.jpg

Fine, isang photo for V… then akin na lahat! choz!

 photo L1020118_zpsa64dc15c.jpg

The reception area. Super cute and the waiting time is not long!

 photo L1020116_zps9dfebb2d.jpg photo L1020113_zps580c4edd.jpg

Couple shot! Basta may mirror, laban!


 photo I31B8150_zpsc457ae53.jpg

This was our home for 3 days! Art deco type of design and ang cute, feeling mo movie star ka from the 50s! LABAN! Or feelingera lang ako? haha!

 photo L1020436_zps63b1e150.jpg

 Check out our view from our room! Cuteness! Poolside!


 photo L1020444_zps2b05252f.jpg

I love how everything is so well thought of! I brought this home! hahaha! Deadma sa uhaw! choz!

 photo L1020440_zpse63828e1.jpg

They have a buffet dinner in the ground floor and a bar resto! I also saw some barbeque set up by the pool area. This is the buffet area!

 photo L1020434_zpse68fd63a.jpg

 photo L1020435_zps9e38c814.jpg

The souvenir shop! Bongga sya kasi parang blast from the past! Although i was looking for some life size dolls for my inaanaks. Maybe inside the park!

 photo L1020431_zps02897ca3.jpg

This is what i ended up getting! CUTENESS! Bigay ko kay Tessa toh, she’d love it!

 photo L1020126_zps6a623947.jpg

I picked the biggest bow from here! hehe!

 photo IMG_0958_zps8f0b14f8.jpg

After going to the park (which i will discuss on blog 2), i got a bit hungry. They have a dinner, fastfood thing in the hotel too! Look at me trying to balance the tray! haha!

 photo I31B8088_zpsdc44347c.jpg photo I31B8080_zps22fcbcde.jpg

After the meal, tinodo namin and played like kids in the arcade! Young at hearts will never get bored in Disney Hollywood hotel!

 photo I31B8077_zpsbdde0808.jpg

Night shot! We walked around the pool area too! But i will discuss that more on blog post 3… mga iba ibang pwedeng avail sa Disney!

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Will blog about the park, the other hotel and food sunod! Abangan!

Much love,