I lived in HK for quite awhile before. Umarte kasi ako na independent chuchu. I learned a lot during my stay there as a model. I had a roomamte na Czech who can’t speak english so naging pro ako sa DEMONSTRATIONS. Kaya siguro ang galing ko sa charades. haha!

I love that traveling is now more affordable due to budget airlines. We also go to HK to source for LUCA fabrics and beads. Actually we take a train to Shenzen for that so medyo madalas kami nag Hong Kong.

What I like about Hk is the food! I love roast goose/duck! I also love how everyone is so fashion forward, konting lamig lang nga naglalabasan na ng trench coat ang mga tao! Marami rin akong nakikita na tiis ganda sa heels nila! haha!

For those who haven’t been to HK, there are a lot of flights that are cheap especially through Cebu Pacific and PAL. Antay kayo ng promo para better! Hong Kong is also divided into two sides- Hong Kong and Kowloon side. Since I lived in the Kowloon side, I still opt to stay there. I usually stay in TSIM SHA TSUI area because pag-baba mo dami ng shops! But Central is a good place also.

Things to do:

1. EAT – I like the street restos. Mura na and authentic.

2. SHOP- they have outlets na medyo malayo but they also have an outlet mall. You can also check MONGKOK for night market and GRANVILLE for bazaars. They also have all the midrange brands such as H&M, ZARA, MANGO and more (topshop ata padating palang). But if you’re eyeing big brand names, they have so much! Check out Joyce, Lane Crawford, and Harvey Nichols. ANother way on saving on branded stuff is through 2nd hand stores such as Milan station and Paris Station (eto yung medyo popular) but they have more pa.

3. DISNEY- I love Disney na kahit ilang beses keri ko. HK Disney is quite small so you only need a day to see everything. For theme park levels, you can also try Ocean Park.

4. Do a tour or hop on a boat to MACAU!- Macau is pretty close so you can do balikan. Bongga makita the grand hotels there!

5. GIMIK! – try bar hopping or clubbing. Go to LAN KWAI FONG to check out the bars. The also have a lot of hotel bars that are cool. W hotel has nice interiors, sarap magkodakan

6. ENJOY! – Bat ka naman pupunta kung corny ka d ba? haha!

Me and Flo. Her dad lives in China so he translates for us when we buy fabrics. Best friends since 1st year highschool!


Malamang pinapagalitan ako ni Milan. M: GUTOM KA NA NAMAN? KAKAKAIN MO LANG!

Outside the outlets waiting for a cab.

Fun night with Tim and our friend in HK KAY LI. She owns one of the most famous club in HK.

W elevator. yes, nakakakita ng salamin. FECTORIAL!

Napagod. Summer when we went so mainit. We had tea time in the mall.

On my way to DISNEY!

We saw Lion King in Disney! Tim was so late that we got there 2 hours before closing. Buti maabilidad kami and was able to maximize time… paano? Check schedules and TAKBO!

See? Mahal ko naman si Milan eh. Palagi ko lang inaasar. haha!

We saw the fireworks! This is a must! Pwesto na kayo ng maaga. hard to find a seat in Main Area.

Batman lang ang peg. Deadma sa utash, gusto ko mag CAPE eh.

Much love,